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How Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow: Predicting and Preparing for the 2015 Holiday Season

02 Oct 2015 3:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

How Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow

Predicting and Preparing for the 2015 Holiday Season with Tweets

by Lucy Zhou

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has engulfed the social media world like a huge typhoon. With over 300 million active users per month worldwide, sending 500 million live tweet updates daily in 35+ languages, Twitter presents a barrier free information sharing platform that can transcend time and place. In 2013 there were close to 2.8 million Twitter users in Australia; as well as 350 thousand in New Zealand.[i] Whereas Japan – one of the top five tweeting countries – had around 18 million users per month which accounted for nearly 10% of the worldwide tweets in the same year.[ii]  According to eMarketer, 20.5% of the Japanese population currently use Twitter. In fact, the Japanese iOS App for Twitter is the only Twitter app to have a news tab function in the world.

On Thursday 1 October 2015, Mr Yu Sasamoto, Country Manager of Twitter Japan gave an insightful #Tweetorial on how Twitter can help businesses predict and prepare for the holiday season via the analysis of tweet patterns in 2014.

The following shows a tweeting trend near Christmas time in 2014.

As we can see, after the September/ October Halloween boom, Twitter users start to anticipate the coming of Christmas. Street decorations, weather changes and Christmas carols serve to continuously remind people of this joyful event. However, it is not until December that the real panic reaches its peak and when users scramble to find companions for the special day or buy presents for friends and family. It can be predicted that sales of goods also rise significantly during this period.

Tweets flood the internet on Christmas Eve, especially from 7 – 11pm. People who’ve spent the day alone were usually cooped up at work. Whilst people who spent Christmas with their significant other, friends or family went to theme parks and Christmas-themed markets or concerts. 

Christmas parties, live concerts and dates were the most common activity that day. Thus marketing at such events might help boost sales.

Christmas is the season for shopping. Twitter analysed the top items that were tweeted by users along with 「ほしい」(want) and「もらった」(received) from September to December 2014 and found that the most popular gifts given were sweets, clothes and accessories. However, what users really wanted was electronics, brand items and hobby-related gifts. There is a clear discrepancy between what presents users wanted and what they actually received. Consequently, possible hashtag campaigns on twitter, for example, “#MyChristmaslist” or “#マイクリスマスリスト” might help identify needs for not only users themselves, but also businesses to anticipate supply and demand for certain products.

We look forward to following you on Twitter as you engage with your customers this holiday season!



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About the writer:

Lucy is currently an exchange student at University of Tokyo and is studying Law/ International Business at the University of New South Wales in Australia. She has started an internship at the Chamber from October 2015. Lucy looks forward to seeing you at future Chamber events.

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