One of the greatest benefits of becoming a member of the ANZCCJ is the access you receive to the Chamber’s business network. Besides connecting you with Australian and New Zealand businesses in Japan and Japanese businesses with links to Australia/New Zealand, we can also help you find great deals.  We believe that economic vitality in the ANZCCJ community comes from each individual business seeing success, so we encourage you to support your fellow Chamber members!

As a token of appreciation for your support of the Australian and New Zealand business community in Japan through your involvement with ANZCCJ, some of our members offer special benefits to fellow members. See the listings below for exclusive discounts and complimentary services made available as a benefit of Chamber membership. Some benefits may be available for a limited time only.

If you have a special member to member promotion you would like to feature on our site, please contact Executive Director Judith Hanna at


ANZCCJはサポートしてくださる会員様に、ネットワークを最大限に利用し、他の会員からの特別なオファーをさせていただきます。 メンバーシップの方限定の特典として、会員様割引や無料のサービスを以下のリストよりご確認ください。(期間限定のものもございます。)

他の会員様にお知らせしたい、ウェブサイトに掲載したいオファーがございましたら、ANZCCJ事務局長Judith Hanna ( までご連絡ください。

WeWork Shimbashi

ANZCCJ's office location and our Silver Member, WeWork Shimbashi is introducing  "1-Week Hot Desk Trial Campaign" in September. If you are interested in experiencing WeWork’s office environment and culture, this is a great opportunity to try out WeWork’s offerings without any extra fee.

-Trial Campaign Detail- 

  • Campaign is available for those who are considering to use WeWork Shimbashi as a main location and those who have never used WeWork before 
  • You will need to sign up for We membership (US$45/month) 
  • You can use WeWork Shimbashi office space for free for 5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri, 9AM - 6PM) 
  • You will be requested for 30 minutes to provide your feedback on the last day of your trial campaign

    If you are interested, please signup by e-mail at

    This offer is for a limited time only, and expires on 19 October.

ANZCCJのオフィスでもあり、シルバー会員でもあるWeWorkが、WeWork新橋 9月限定ホットデスク1週間利用トライアルキャンペーン」を実施しております。共有エリア内のワークスペースを使ったWeWorkの雰囲気や文化にご興味のある方は、こちらの無料キャンペーンを是非ともお試しください。


  •  WeWorkを初めてご利用になる方 新橋オフィスの利用を検討している方 トライアル期間中、実際に利用する方 が対象です。
  • WeMembership会員(45米ドル/月)へのご入会が必要です。
  • オフィスは1週間(平日連続5日間、9AM~6PM新橋のワークスペースを追加料金なしでご体験いただけます。
  •  最終日(もしくはその前日)に30分程打ち合わせのお時間を調整していただきます。

    お申し込み、ご質問は までお願いいたします。また、こちらのキャンペーンは10月19日に終了いたします。ご興味のある方はお早めにどうぞ。

METoA Cafe & Kitchen

METoA Cafe & Kitchen are offering special members-only dinner plans. 

ANZCCJ members can enjoy an Australian Dinner Plan for JPY 4500 and a Casual Dinner Plan for JPY 3000. 

All reservations can be made by phone on 03-6264-5761, with the following information: 

  • Name 
  • Number of people
  • Time and Date
  • Phone number

Further details can be found at the following menu

Official Website: 

METoA Cafe & Kitchen は、会員様限定のディナープランを提供させていただいています。






Septième Tokyo

ANZCCJ Member ECN Hospitality has recently opened Septieme Brasserie & Bar, an authentic French dining experience in Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. Enjoy a traditional French Brasserie menu, prepared by a specialised chef. An ideal setting for lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, or dinner with friends and acquaintances. Reservations can be made by phone on 03-6262-3177.

For further details please follow the link here.

ANZCCJの会員であるECNホスピタリティが、フランス本場のダイニング体験ができる「セッティエム ブラッスリー&バー」を日本橋高島屋7Fにて先日開店を迎えました。洗練されたシェフが手掛ける伝統的なフレンチブラッスリーをお楽しみください。友人やお知り合いとのランチやブランチ、午後のお茶、そしてディナーなどに最適です。ご予約の際は03-6262-3177までお電話下さい。


The Westin Tokyo are delighted to provide special privileges for ANZCCJ members. 

Earn double SPG Pro Points or enjoy Seasonal Bonus Rewards for events held by 28 December with 50 or more participants.  for further details please follow the here.

Hilton Tokyo invites ANZCCJ members to join their VIP membership program, "Hilton Tokyo Diamond Club"

At a special price of 63,000JPY per year (subject to tax), which is 10% discount of the regular price, 70,000JPY. Diamond Club participating hotels are Hilton Tokyo, Hilton Tokyo Bay, Hilton Narita, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Hilton Nagoya, Hilton Osaka, and Conrad Tokyo.

As a VIP member of Diamond Club, your membership will entitle you to exclusive privileges for dining, accommodation and additional benefits. Click below for more information.

Read More

For inquiries and to sign up, contact (Ms) Sugako Aoki

Hilton Tokyo Diamond Club Manager

T 03-5909-1861 | Email: or visit the Diamond Club Website






Special offer only to ANZCCJ members from CommuniCloud

Enjoy high quality audio/web conferencing and get a premium headset or potable speaker phone!

ANZCCJ Exclusive offer

Sign up for a CommuniCloud audio and web conferencing service. Depending on your monthly spend, we can offer a Plantronics C315.1 headset or Sennheiser SP 20 speaker phone for free.
Your monthly spend within the first 3 months achieves...
JPY50,000 = Get one Plantronics Blackwire C315.1 headset
JPY150,000 = Get one Sennheiser SP 20 speaker phone
CommuniCloud reservation-less audio conferencing is easy to use and provides great voice quality. Local access numbers are available around the globe and widely covered, especially in Australia and New Zealand:
Australia - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney

New Zealand - Auckland and Wellington
CommuniCloud web conferencing uses Cisco WebEx to provide visual communication on your remote meeting, such as screen sharing and video on your PC. WebEx is the #1 web conferencing solution in the market with great data security.
Special rates for ANZCCJ members available. For more details, please contact us at or visit the website


CommuniCloudに登録された方の中で、月々のお支払い状況に応じて、Plantronics C315.1 headsetまたはSennheiser SP 20 speaker phoneを無料で差し上げます。


50,000円以上の方... Plantronics C315.1 headset

150.000円以上の方… Sennheiser SP 20 speaker phone







Nikkei Asian Review -- Asia’s premier source for news, insights and more -- is offering ANZCCJ members 3 months of digital access for only US$9 (Regular price $41.99)


With its comprehensive network of bureaus and reporters spanning all of Asia, Nikkei Asian Review delivers 24/7/365 coverage of this dynamic region. Breaking news on the economy, market movements, politics and more, as well as in-depth analysis of the people, trends and technology that make Asia tick are available on your PC or smart device.

More than a digital publication, Nikkei Asia Review is a vast forum where companies, educational/research institutions, and leading players on the global stage come to get the inside scoop on Asia. 

Some of the features include:

  •   Asia300, a close-up look at over 300 leading companies in 11 countries
  •  Guest commentaries from analysts around the world
  •   Market updates from the world’s major indexes
  •  Inside the scenes at leading businesses and promising startups
  •  Interviews with political figures, company heads and diplomats

In addition to the digital version, Nikkei Asian Review is available in print for an additional fee. Click here  to find out more about this special offer to ANZCCJ members along with other subscription options.  





Nikkei Asian Reviewは成長著しいアジアの経済圏の実像を日経ならではの視点で発信する英語のサービスです。アジアに密着した取材網を生かし、深彫りした独自記事を充実。日本経済新聞の翻訳記事も含め、経済の専門家による寄稿記事、知識人の洞察、見解、分析を交えアジアの今をお伝えします。ウェブサイト、モバイル・タブレットアプリそしてプリント版で読めるマルチデバイスメディアです。













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