The ANZCCJ’s mission is to play a constructive and meaningful role in developing Australia/New Zealand-Japan business by providing Members with an effective source of information, representation and commercial connections.

Information: High-quality, practical information related to doing business between Australia/New Zealand and Japan.

Representation: Robust and effective advocacy of Australian and New Zealand business interests to the Japanese government. Promoting a positive perception of Australian and New Zealand business to the wider Japanese and international business community, and enhancing understanding of the benefits of doing business with Japan among the Australian/New Zealand communities.

Commercial Connections: Business networking opportunities among Australian/New Zealand and Japanese business through a range of forums and social events and through business referrals.







The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) is an independent, non-profit organisation that has been dedicated to the development of commerce between Australia, New Zealand and Japan since 1972.

The ANZCCJ currently has approximately 650 members. The membership consists of Australian and New Zealand members conducting business in Japan, Japanese companies with economic ties to Australia and New Zealand, overseas members and others maintaining business relationships between Japan and Australia/ New Zealand.

The ANZCCJ hold a variety of events such as meetings with visiting Australian and New Zealand Government leaders, industry experts and political figures, informative seminars and social networking evenings. These events give members the opportunity to keep abreast of changes in foreign policy and economic conditions, gain knowledge regarding different aspects of the Japanese market and develop new business and social contacts.

The joint patrons of the ANZCCJ are the Australian and New Zealand Ambassadors who host a number of functions during the year at their respective Embassies.






*The above statistics are as at 31 October 2020

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