The ANZCCJ SME Networking Community is intended for SMEs and Individual members doing business between Japan and Australia / New Zealand, as well as Japanese returnees from Australia or New Zealand, or members who are about to start a new business in Japan. Register as a 'Provider' on this member-driven online platform to offer your skills and services to other members in need, or as a 'Seeker' to find someone who can meet your own needs. Reborn from the SME Support Program in December 2020, this is a new community lead by the ANZCCJ Secretariat. Through regular two-way communication, we hope to flexibly reflect your wants/needs and create an active and meaningful network.


ANZCCJ SMEネットワーキングコミュニティは、日本とオーストラリア・ニュージーランド間でビシネスをされている中小企業、個人事業者、海外赴任から帰国された方(リターニー)または、これから日本でビジネスを始める方などを対象に、メンバー同士が自由に繋がることができるメンバー・ドリブンのプラットフォームであり、SMEメンバーが必要とされる情報を一つにまとめたポータルサイトです。サービスを提供するProviderとしてご登録いただき、サービスを必要としているSeekerをサポートし、またその逆も同様に、メンバー同士が助け合い、コミュニティの輪を広げていきましょう。2020年12月に旧SMEサポートプログラムから生まれ変わり、皆様の意見を柔軟に反映できるよう事務局スタッフを中心に運営する新しいコミュニティです。


ANZCCJ Members-Only Section

<Past Workshop>

- 26 May 2021: The Legal Landscape in Japan

- 21 Apr 2021: Cross-Cultural Management (English)

- 24 Mar 2021What are the key ingredients to create a powerful organisation for your enterprise?

Notice Board

We post information about various exhibitions which are recruiting SMEs to showcase their products/services, as well as seminars or events for SMEs.



Service Provider

Do you need a local industry expert from our three countries? You can find the right expert from our registered SME professional members.


LinkedIn Group

Not sure whom to contact to find what you need? You can post your need on the closed SME members-only LinkedIn group. Also, please join as a provider for those who are looking for support.

もしプロバイダーリストからあなたの必要なサービスが見つけられなかった場合、ANZCCJ SMEメンバー限定のLinkedInグループページにあなたが探しているサービス内容を投稿して下さい。また、ご自身がSMEプロバイダーとなり助けを必要としている他のメンバーの投稿に対しご自身のサービスをご紹介下さい。

Can't find what you are looking for? Share your requests or suggestions with us. We will try our best to make it happen.

SME Networking Communityへのリクエストやご意見があれば私たちに是非伝えてください。できるだけあなたのご要望に応えられるよう改善していきたいと思っています。

Starting/Started Businesses in Japan

Overall Image of Entrepreneur Support by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Potential Entrepreneurs / Preparatory Phase  


Business Development Center Tokyo

- Business consultations
 - Everyday life consultations (introduction to hospitals, international school, etc.)

Start-Up Phase


Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center

- Provides integrated support for start-up procedures at every stage, covering administrative procedures that span multiple areas

Establishment of Corporation


Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

- Provision of advice by lawyers, etc. to prevent employment-related troubles

For ANZCCJ members only, if you would like to know more about each of the above programs, we will introduce you to the person in charge of each section. Please contact the ANZCCJ Secretariat at for more information.


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