Young Gen. Program

The ANZCCJ Young Generation Program aims to bring together and foster new connections among the next generation of leaders in the Australia, New Zealand and Japan business community, to share information, career advice, networking and professional development. It offers excellent opportunities to meet like-minded young people while hearing from inspiring professionals who have excelled in their careers. The program was established in May 2021, as an updated version of the former Youth Empowerment Program. 

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent travel between our three countries, we hope this program allows students and professionals the chance to grow and maintain their cross-border connections, while discovering new pathways for their future careers. 

Some of the activities to expect in the coming months include:

  • Virtual networking and informative webinars
  • Mentoring and advice from business leaders in Japan, Australia and New Zealand
  • In-person networking and meetup nights (post-COVID)

Although membership of the Young Generation Program is open to anyone who wishes to participate, the target group for this program can be broken into the following four categories.

ANZCCJ Young Generation Programは、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、日本のビジネス界で活躍する次世代のリーダーたちが集い、情報交換やキャリアアドバイス、ネットワーク作り、専門的な知識の向上など、新しい繋がりを育むことを目的としています。素晴らしいキャリアと強い影響力を持つ、その道のプロフェッショナルの方々の話を聞きながら、同じ志を持つ若い世代と出会う機会を提供します。このプログラムは、以前のYouth Empowerment Programのアップデート版として、2021年5月に設立されました。



  • バーチャルネットワーキングとお役立ちウェビナー
  • 日本、オーストラリア、ニュージーランドのビジネスリーダーによるメンタリングとアドバイス
  • 対面式のネットワーキングとミートアップナイト(新型コロナ収束後)

Young Generation Programは、参加を希望される方であればどなたでもご参加いただけますが、本プログラムの対象者は、以下の4つのカテゴリーに分けられます。

YGP Member Categories

Students & Universities
(early 20s)

Interested in Australia/New Zealand/Japan

- Looking for opportunities to connect with on-the-ground professionals and informal mentors

- Want to access information and advice regarding crosscultural business

- Want to connect with possible internship opportunities

Young Professionals

(mid 20s)

- Recent graduates beginning their careers

- Looking to build their professional network with others in the AU/NZ/JPN space

- Want to access information and advice regarding crosscultural business

- Want to meet and learn from professionals further established in their field

Sempai Professionals
(late 20s, 30s)

- Young professionals, 5-10 years into their careers

- Want to network with likeminded people in different sectors

- Want to maintain their connection with Aus/NZ/Japan after returning to their home country

- Want to share their own experience with students and younger professionals


- Established business leaders

- Interested in sharing their experience and advice with the next generation

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