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CareerEngine is a recruitment website operated by ANZCCJ Sponsor GPlusMedia. Known as Japan's international recruiting source, CareerEngine is currently used by thirteen(13) other foreign chambers of commerce in Japan. CareerEngine attracts talented, bi-lingual, internationally-minded candidates looking for new opportunities.

CareerEngine offers a Managed Search service, ideal for companies that may not have the time, experience or language proficiency to carry out the very time consuming task of candidate search and selection. Powered by the entire CareerEngine network, let their HR professionals help you find the right candidates you’re looking for. The CE Managed Search team will proactively search for candidates based on your criteria to deliver a short-list of qualified candidates ready for you to interview. Leave the search to the experts so you concentrate on interviewing only those candidates who are a true fit for the position.

As a member of the ANZCCJ, you are entitled to receive an introductory offer including:

- Instantly post positions across multiple CareerEngine partner sites including JapanToday : No.1 English source for Japan related news.
- Search the CareerEngine Resume Bank Database. Proactively search for candidates using targeted keywords.
- Reach qualified candidates through CareerEngine's Job Mail. Prospective candidates receive new job updates three times a week.
CCJ Member offer: 50% off first-time job postings, and 10% off subsequent postings 
- FREE Company Feature Page. You will receive a complimentary Company page creating a branded employment landing page for your company.

The Chamber will receive a small commission (20% of the total service fee collected) if you choose to use Career Engine. This money in turn gets used to fund the Chamber's activities to support its members and the wider Australian, New Zealand and Japanese business community. 

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Holdaway, Sales Manager - Recruitment Services, GPlusMedia 

Tel: 03-5403-7781  | Mail:

 NOTE: The ANZCCJ is not responsible for the content posted at CareerEngine and can accept no liability for any errors, inaccuracies or misrepresentations.


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