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Tohoku Charity Evening with Support our Kids and O.G.A. for Aid

  • 03 Mar 2015
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Arossa Shibuya (1-26-22 Shoto Shibuya-ku Tokyo)


  • Buffet and Drinks
  • Buffet and Drinks
  • Buffet and Drinks

ANZCCJ invites members and guests to
Tohoku Charity Evening with Support our Kids and O.G.A. for Aid

Four years on from the Great Tohoku Earthquake, we are honoured to host two organizations who have supported recovery efforts and who continue to play vital roles in facilitating rebuilding activities in Tohoku. At this special event, we are pleased to welcome the founders of these ANZCCJ-supported charity organisations: Mr Yukiatsu Akizawa of Support our Kids (SOK), and Ms Angela Ortiz of O.G.A. for Aid (O.G.A.).  Mr Akizawa and Ms Ortiz will provide firsthand reports on their activities to date, and share insights into the current situation, ongoing needs, and challenges ahead for Tohoku recovery efforts.

The event will be held at Arossa Shibuya, owned by our newest Bronze member PJ Partners, serving delicious modern Australian cuisine. PJ Partners owns other notable Australian and New Zealand restaurants including Salt by Luke Mangan. For this special occasion, our buffet dishes will feature fresh vegetables from Green Farmers Miyagi (GFM), a farm run by O.G.A. for Aid. The ANZCCJ have organised biannual trips to Minamisanrku since the Great Tohoku Earthquake and have worked on GFM's farms to help the local farmers. We look forward to presenting Arossa's signature dishes with fresh Tohoku ingredients, paired with a fine selection of Australian wine. 

Please join us on this special occasion to learn about the charity groups that we support as well as enjoy a delicious buffet  and wine.

We look forward to seeing you!
ANZCCJ Secretariat

(About Support our Kids)
Founded in 2011 by Mr Yukiatsu Akizawa, Support Our Kids (SOK) supports children whose lives have been deeply affected by the disasters of the Tohoku Earthquake, through overseas homestay programs, charity auctions and other activities. SOK was founded with a strong belief that independence serves as an integral part of recovering from the ongoing mental, financial and environmental changes that the children face in their everyday life. Executive committee of SOK includes former New Zealand Ambassador to Japan, Mr Ian Kenney, Australian Ambassador to Japan Mr Bruce Miller, New Zealand Ambassador to Japan Mr Mark Sinclair as well as major Japanese corporations and organisations.

(About O.G.A. FOR AID)
O.G.A. FOR AID (O.G.A.) was formed in the aftermath of 3-11-11 to bring emergency relief support to Tohoku. As an incorporated non- profit, O.G.A. is focused on Relief Aid, Economic Enhancement and Community Revitalization. O.G.A. is dedicated to assisting communities who have lost everything as a result of disasters. Based out of Miyagi Ken, with offices in Tokyo and Aomori, it is made up of individuals from Tohoku, Tokyo & foreigners from around the world.  Staff works with survivors and support community revitalization via farming and other business opportunities. The ANZCCJ has organised volunteer trips to Minamisanriku, Miyagi Ken through O.G.A. since 2011.

Booking Deadline: 2 Mar 

No shows and cancellations after the booking deadline will be invoiced.

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