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  • (Invitation only) Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women in Business

(Invitation only) Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women in Business

  • 09 Mar 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Australian Embassy Tokyo

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women in Business
国際女性デー:Women in Business (ビジネス分野における女性の活躍)

9 March 2018, Australian Embassy Tokyo

Keynote: “Supporting women in sport is good for business” – Sam Mostyn

Sam Mostyn has enjoyed a diverse career across business, politics, science and the arts, international development, not-for-profit sector, Indigenous reconciliation and sport. She is recognised as a leader in sustainability, gender equality and business management. After many years in senior corporate management roles in telecommunications, broadcasting and insurance, Sam now serves as a non-executive director on the boards of Virgin Australia, Transurban and Mirvac, and chair of Citibank Australia.

Sam was the first woman to join the Australian Football League (AFL) Commission and worked to implement the AFL's Respect and Responsibility policies and indigenous programs and develop the national AFL Women's competition that was launched in 2017.

As part of her presentation, Sam will launch “Celebrating Women in Japan”, an initiative of Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan Chair Emeritus Melanie Brock.

ビジネスや政治、科学、芸術、国際開発、非営利部門、先住民和解、スポーツなど、実に様々な分野で活躍してきたサム・モスティン氏は、特にサステイナビリティやジェンダー平等、企業経営におけるリーダーとして広く認められています。 通信や放送、保険業界で長年要職を務めた後、現在はヴァージン・オーストラリアやTransurban、Mirvacの非業務執行役員、およびシティバンク・オーストラリア会長として活躍しています。


モスティン氏はこのプレゼンテ―ションにおいて、メラニー・ブロック在日オーストラリア・ニュージーランド商工会議所(ANZCCJ)名誉会頭による“Celebrating Women in Japan“イニシアチブの立ち上げを行います。

Panel discussion: Promoting gender diversity in Australia and Japan

The keynote address will be followed by a moderated panel. Ms Mostyn will be joined by a member of the Japanese Diet, and a senior Japanese business representative. The participants will be announced closer to the event.



The Australian Embassy’s International Women’s Day event is presented in cooperation with the Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan. It forms part of Australia now, a celebration of Australian innovation, lifestyle and creativity in Japan in 2018.

オーストラリア大使館の国際女性デー・イベントは、在日オーストラリア・ニュージーランド商工会議所(ANZCCJ)との協力により実施されます。 オーストラリアのイノベーションやライフスタイル、文化・芸術を日本に紹介する祭典「オーストラリア now」は、このエベントを含め2018年に開催されます。

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