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  • [SME Workshop/Culture] Cross-Cultural Management (English)

[SME Workshop/Culture] Cross-Cultural Management (English)

  • 21 Apr 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Online (Zoom)


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[SME Workshop/Culture] Cross-Cultural Management (English)

When you come from Australia or New Zealand to do business in Japan, you may be confronted with various cultural and customary differences. Working in a multicultural team can cause various challenges, such as difficulties in managing your own team, or miscommunication that would not normally occur. Japanese members of the ANZCCJ may also have had the experience of working with foreign leaders and subordinates and not being able to understand their intentions. In order to understand what each other is looking for, we need to understand the differences in culture and customs.

Gerard Adams, a member of the ANZCCJ Executive Council, has more than 10 years of business experience in Japan and is currently a General Manager in the Corporate Planning Department of Kyowa Hakko Bio, a subsidiary of Kirin Holdings. In this workshop, he will lead a discussion on how to manage multicultural teams, while sharing his own experiences and unique perspective. This workshop will be conducted entirely in English, but may be held in Japanese as well in the future.

*We encourage participants to introduce themselves after the speaker's presentation, and to actively participate in the discussion session afterwards, sharing their experiences, thoughts, and questions. If you only want to watch and listen, please turn off your camera.

Date: Wed 21 April, 2021
Time: 6:00PM JST (45-60 mins)
Location: Zoom (Online)
Speaker: Gerard Adams - Kirin Holdings (General Manager, Corporate Planning Department, Kyowa Hakko Bio) / ANZCCJ Executive Council


- The role of culture, including cross-cultural differences in management and leadership style

- Managing a multicultural team
- Negotiating in an international setting
- An outsider’s view of Doing Business In Japan


ANZCCJの理事メンバーであるジェラルド・アダムズ氏は、日本で10年以上ビジネスの経験を持ち、現在キリンホールディングス子会社の協和発酵バイオの経営企画部でゼネラルマネージャー を務めております。今回のワークショップでは多文化のチームをどのようにマネジメントするか、これまでの経験や独自の見解を皆さんと共有しながらディスカッションを行います。今回は全編英語ですが、このトピックは日本語での開催も検討しています。


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