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  • [SME Workshop/Law] The Legal Landscape in Japan (English)

[SME Workshop/Law] The Legal Landscape in Japan (English)

  • 26 May 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Online (Zoom)


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[SME Workshop/Law] The Legal Landscape in Japan (English)

When you come from Australia or New Zealand to do business in Japan, you may be confronted with various legal challenges in setting up business, such as how to go about hiring a lawyer and budgeting for legal and compliance investments. Setting up business in a country with laws that are very different from your home country, and where processes take longer, can cause various headaches and frustration with many unknowns. Often it is difficult to know where to start - How do I find a lawyer? How much do they charge? Will I be charged from the first meeting? What is a reasonable cost for the work I need done? What if the advice is wrong and I have trouble as a result – can I sue my lawyer? Japanese members of the ANZCCJ may also have had the experience of working with Australian and New Zealand lawyers in Australia and New Zealand and not being able to understand how the legal landscape works there.  In order to get to our desired business outcomes, we need to understand the basics of the law, and hiring a lawyer in Japan.

In this workshop, Catherine and Peter will lead a discussion on how to manage the hiring of a lawyer in Japan, what questions to ask, and what fees to expect, sharing their own experiences and unique perspectives working in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. This session is designed to demystify the legal ecosystem in Japan. Ask us anything you have always wanted to ask about lawyers and “the legal stuff” in Japan. This workshop will be conducted in English, but participants may freely ask questions in Japanese to both Peter and Catherine who are fully bilingual.

About the Facilitators:

Catherine O’Connell, of Catherine O’Connell Law, is a Bronze Sponsor of the ANZCCJ and Co-vice Chair of the ANZCCJ. She is qualified in New Zealand and England & Wales and is a Foreign Registered Attorney in Japan, and member of the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association. She has more than 30 years of legal and business experience with Japan & New Zealand, working in a mix of in-house counsel and private practice roles in New Zealand, Tokyo, Osaka and London. She works with on corporate and commercial transactional matters for large corporates and SMEs, providing access to legal services with her flexible secondment based legal practice. Catherine loves rugby and supports the All Blacks!

Peter Cassidy, is qualified in Western Australia and is a Registered Foreign Attorney at Higashimachi LPC in Kobe, Japan, and member of the Hyogo Bar Association. Peter is a transactional lawyer specialising in commercial and maritime law. Peter is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Kobe University Graduate School of Law and a graduate of Asia Studies (Japanese) and Law from Murdoch University. Higashimachi LPC are Bronze members of the ANZCCJ. Peter is an AFL supporter and his favourite team is the West Coast Eagles.

*We encourage participants to send through their burning legal questions in advance via registration form or by contacting Akihiro Ito at (you may ask confidentially).

*During the workshop we will ask participants to introduce themselves after the speaker's presentation, and to actively participate in the discussion session afterwards, sharing their experiences, thoughts, and questions. If you only want to watch and listen, please turn off your camera.

*Disclaimer: Catherine & Peter cannot answer your specific legal questions and this workshop is not legal advice, but is intended to be educational and informational only.

Date: Wed 26 May, 2021
Time: 6:00PM JST (45-60 mins)
Location: Zoom (Online)
Catherine O’Connell Catherine O’Connell Law (Principal | Founder | Podcaster | Lawpreneur) /ANZCCJ Bronze Sponsor and Co-vice Chair AND Peter Cassidy – Registered Foreign Attorney at Higashimachi LPC (ANZCCJ Bronze Member)

Catherine and Peter fireside chat on hiring a lawyer in Japan, why you need one, and what questions to ask when you hire a lawyer
2: Interactive discussion

3. Q&A

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