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[SME / Accounting] Accounting and tax tips for SME companies in Japan (English)

  • 29 Sep 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Online (Zoom)


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When you come from Australia or New Zealand to establish a business in Japan, it is important to consider the local rules of accounting and tax laws, as mistakes made in the handling of these areas can create unexpected hurdles. Although it is necessary to use professional services to assist you in these areas, this workshop will explain the basis of the rules of accounting and tax law in Japan, with a focus on some specific rules especially related to SMEs.


- Types of tax related to SMEs in Japan
- Corporate tax
- Consumption tax
- Other taxes

About the speaker

Hiroyuki Obokata - Representative director, JS Bridge Inc. Hiroyuki is a certified public accountant and a certified tax accountant in Japan. Hiroyuki is a graduate member of EY Shinnihon LLC and a large tax company in Tokyo. He provides accounting and tax consulting services in Tokyo now and focus on companies run by non-Japanese people especially. Hiroyuki has worked with clients across a variety of industries and communicated with them in English.

*We encourage participants to introduce themselves after the speaker's presentation, and to actively participate in the discussion session afterwards, sharing their experiences, thoughts, and questions. If you only want to watch and listen, please turn off your camera.




- 日本のSMEに関係する税金の種類

- 法人税

- 消費税

- その他の税金


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