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APEC Business Travel Card Support Policy

28 Apr 2014 4:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


APEC Business Travel Card New Criteria Fact Sheet


What is APEC Business Travel Card?
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card scheme is an important initiative that commenced permanent operations in March 1999. This scheme is for business people to gain streamlined entry to other economies. It contributes to APEC's goal of free and open trade within the Asia-Pacific region. Through a single application form, the scheme allows accredited business people to obtain an APEC Business Travel Card for multiple short-term visits to other APEC economies over a three year period. About the size of a credit card, the APEC Business Travel Card is valid for three years and allows the holder to stay for two or three months in an APEC economy that is a full member of the scheme. This saves business people time and effort involved in applying for individual visas or entry permits each time they want to travel for business. The scheme also provides cardholders with access to fast track immigration processing lanes at major airports in participating economies.
For more information on APEC Business Travel Card, please visit:

APEC Business Travel Card New Criteria
On 1 November 2012 Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced the commencement of Stage 2 of the new APEC Business Travel Card eligibility criteria. Stage 2 of the criteria relates to the requirement that every business entity that seeks to utilise Australia’s APEC Business Travel Card for its employees must establish that it is engaged in international trade or investment in the APEC region. A business is engaged in international trade or investment if it meets one of the following requirements:

-       The business is listed in the current Forbes Global 2000 business list
-       The business has received an Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) from Austrade in the past five years
-       The business has been a finalist in the Australian Export Awards in the past five years
-       The business has been certified by an ‘approved body’
DIAC has named two ‘approved bodies’, Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), to provide this business certification.

Business certification will be assessed on three criteria:
-       The business is lawfully registered in the economy in which it is operating and has provided clear evidence of this
-       business is engaged in trade and / or investment in the APEC region and there is clear evidence of this and
-       If the business is a start-up operation, there is clear evidence of viability, sound business planning, market research and product/s or services to be traded.

For more information on the new eligibility criteria, please visit:

 Should you wish to apply for business certification, application forms can be found at:
Ai Group http://www.aigroup.com.au/trade/apec/
ACCI http://www.acci.asn.au/Our-Agenda/Global-Engagement/APEC-Business-Card


How Can ANZCCJ Help

Part of the business certification application with either the ACCI or the Ai Group includes listing a business association as a referee for verification of your business.
-       The AZCCJ is a recognised business association that you are able to list as a referee on applications submitted to AIG or ACCI.           

-       The ANZCCJ will also assist in the provision of a letter of support which, as suggested by the respective approved bodies, can assist start-up operations validate their business operations, in addition to strengthening the application for existing companies.

To be considered for the letter, we require that member applicant
Ø  is a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze member
Ø  has 3 Years of continuing membership with the ANZCCJ if Bronze member
Ø  submits a copy of a Japanese registration certificate (tokibo tohon)
Ø  submits corporate brochure and other materials if any
Ø  submits business certification application


Will the ANZCCJ always be able to provide the necessary reference?
ANZCCJ will consider all requests to act as a referee on their merits. There may be some occasions where for various reasons (e.g. the members not being in good standing with regards to fees etc.) where we are unable to provide the necessary reference but in principle we would expect to be able to act as referee on most occasions.
My business is not registered in Australia, is it still eligible?
Yes, applicants must prove that “the business is lawfully registered in the economy in which it is operating and has provided clear evidence of this”. This evidence would include an overseas business registration certificate.
I am a foreigner working for an approved company, am I still eligible for an APEC Business Travel Card?
DIAC who administer the APEC Business Travel Card applications in Australia will only process applications for Australian citizens.

How do we apply through ACCI when they advise to contact relevant Australian State based Chambers?
ACCI have delegated the process of applications to their State based affiliates. For foreign based companies ANZCCJ has been advised that members are to apply through the State organisation most convenient for you.
My parent company is registered in a country outside of APEC, are they eligible for certification?
You need to prove that you are lawfully operating business operations in APEC and show that you are trading goods between APEC economies.
How long will business certification take?
It is expected business certification should take 5-10 days. Please note applications for both new and renewal APEC cards can take up to 6 months.
For any further questions, please contact ANZCCJ Secretariat at 03-6234-9351.

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