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Press Release: Australian beef industry announces academic exchange program

05 Nov 2015 4:30 PM | ANZCCJ (Administrator)

Press release

Australian beef industry announces academic exchange program

5 Nov 2015

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) today announced that from 2016 they will be sponsoring postgraduate students to travel between Australia and Japan, supporting innovation in the beef industry.

The announcement of the program, part of MLA’s ‘Producer to Producer’ initiative, took place at the Australian Embassy in Mita. MLA will work with Hokkaido University’s meat science laboratory within the Faculty of Agriculture to deliver the program, which will grant up to 5 scholarships for post graduate students & academics from both countries to travel overseas for research opportunities.

Australian Ambassador to Japan HE Bruce Miller and MLA Chairwoman Michele Allan were present at the announcement, alongside Professor Nishimura from Hokkaido University.

Ms Allan said “Cattle farmers in both Australia and Japan share some of the same challenges. We will both need to improve productivity if we are to remain viable and take advantage of the opportunities provided by growing demand. The program will provide opportunities for future leaders in Japan and Australia to understand each other’s systems, and explore innovations that may benefit both countries in the future”.

MLA, on behalf of the Australian beef industry, conducts various producer activities in Japan, including support activities for Tohoku cattle producers and communities whose livelihood was severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

These activities have now been extended to support the next generation of beef industry leaders, allowing upcoming academics to improve innovation in both countries.



Japan-Australia Beef Exchange Program - Study Grants for Innovative future of Red Meat industry 2015-2016 (Study Grants)


As a pilot program, the 2015-2016 Grants will provide opportunities for Japanese and Australian post graduate students and young academics, to:

  • Visit respective country and build academic network
  • Understand different operation dynamics and challenges/opportunities
  • Research and contribute findings to the both countries, in the areas of: Genetics, breeding and reproduction, animal nutrition, animal health and disease management, livestock production and animal management system, and meat science.

Submission by interested parties will be reviewed by collaborating partners in Japan and Australia, and successful applicants will be notified accordingly. Details on submission requirements and schedule, will be identified during the Grant planning process.


Successful applicants will be required to 1) post-research finding report to MLA and collaborating partners, and 2) discuss potential extension of their research findings with representatives from Tohoku prefectures to provide ongoing support to the reconstruction of Tohoku cattle industry.








同プログラム実施にあたっては、MLAは北海道大学大学院農学研究院・食肉科学研究室の西邑 隆徳教授と協力、日豪の大学院生および研究員から寄せられた肉牛生産に関わる研究提案を選考した後、5件のテーマに研究奨励金を給付するものです。

大使館における発表に際しては、ブルース・ミラー駐日オーストラリア大使、MLAアラン・ミシェル会長、そして西邑 隆徳教授も参加されました。またMLAが前回実施した「トゥゲザー・ウィズ・ジャパン奨学制度」に参加し、オーストラリアの農家滞在を果たした5名の学生のうち二人も同会に出席しました。





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