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Japanese companies are 'inspired' to do business down under

13 Nov 2015 2:26 PM | ANZCCJ (Administrator)

Japanese small and medium sized companies (SMEs) were 'inspired' to do business with Australia and New Zealand at the launch of ANZCCJ's SME Support event series on 10 November. 

The event was a resounding success as Japanese SMEs benefited from free, impartial advice from international trade experts on how they can succeed in importing, exporting or investing in Australia and New Zealand.


The World Wine Bar venue and event sponsor, Penfold’s, ensured that the ambiance was relaxed and the wine flowed as did the conversation and networking.  The 40 Japanese SMEs who attended tapped into the business expertise of a large number of Business Advisors, who shared their passion and experience in doing business between Australia, New Zealand and Japan. 


Global Business Circle’s (GBC) Asia-Pacific Director, Jacqui Gray attended as a business advisor and was impressed by the event, “It’s great to see so many Japanese SMEs here tonight taking the first step towards exploring the many business opportunities that exist in Australia and capitalising on the support that is available here in Japan to help them do this”.  Working in the UK, Japan and Australia, GBC provides international sales and marketing support and services alongside technical expertise to drive business growth for both public and private sector clients in multiple sectors around the world.


Mr Kimura and Mr Kiyotomi from the Australian and New Zealand Embassies, highlighted the many opportunities available to Japanese companies wanting to do business in Australia and New Zealand alongside the wide range of Government support that is available to help them achieve success in these markets.


Yukina Hirai, President of Foru Style Inc. spoke about her work with Bills restaurant in Sydney, and the experience and inspiration that it gave her when setting up her own cafe and online shop in Japan. Yukina’s passion for her business is contagious and she continues her focus to grow her business in Australia and Japan.


Global Sky Group President Nagata Ko, who has received ongoing support from the Queensland State Government trade office in Tokyo to grow his company in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, shared his tips for business success.


The close relationship enjoyed between Australia, New Zealand and Japan, particularly in the wake of the commencement of the Japan and Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) earlier this year, and the recent conclusion of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, means that it has never been easier for Japanese companies to do business with Australia and New Zealand. 

For further information about how your company can succeed in Australia and New Zealand please contact the Chamber at Cristina.Merino@anzccj.jp.  The second SME Support event, under the theme 'Discover', is scheduled to be held in February 2016.  Watch this space for updates.


Inspirational Japanese SME case studies by Yukina Hirai, Foru Style Inc and Ko Nagata, Global Sky Group

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