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ANZCCJ Volunteer Weekend brings Street Rugby to Minami Sanriku for the first time

17 Nov 2015 3:12 PM | ANZCCJ (Administrator)

Street Rugby in Minamisanriku with Japanese rugby legend, Jiro Ishiyama

By Tim Barnstable, FAHC Chair

Street Rugby Alliance, Club Australia and the ANZCCJ teamed up to bring Street Rugby games for the first time to Tohoku. As a special guest, Japanese Rugby legend, Jiro Ishiyama, who currently serves as Chairman of Scrum Kamaishi, joined the Street Rugby on the Sunday.


The group traveling from Tokyo met at Koala House in Minami Sanriku and together visited a local fisherman, Naoya Takahashi  (http://konpiramaru.main.jp) for some volunteer work. Upon arriving, Mr Takahashi's family shared a number of photos of the tsunami, some showing their small business being inundated and swept away. While they had rebuilt a shed for processing the scallops and wakame it was clear that a lot of the equipment needed to make the job more efficient had not yet been replaced.


The group helped pack wakame and prepare ropes used for growing scallops by inserting a plastic hook arrangement into the ropes. Both kids and adults went away with a sense of accomplishment after completing this work.

On Sunday morning the group traveled from the Minshuku accommodation to the sports stadium behind Koala House for Street Rugby games. In total there were around 50 participants in the rugby with the local children and their parents getting involved in the fun.  After the rugby, the families were treated to kangaroo burgers, chicken and cheese from various parts of the world. Thank you to our sponsors, Roo Meat, JBS, Murray Goulburn and Kirin for your generous food and drink donations.

Our next Volunteer Weekend is scheduled for May 2016. Look out for the event announcement in the coming months for details!




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