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Message from Mr Takenori Noda, Mayor of Kamaishi City

31 Oct 2016 9:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



釜石市 野田武則 市長 ご挨拶



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 釜石市長 野田 武則

Message from Mr Takenori Noda, Mayor of Kamaishi City

on the occasion of ANZCCJ’s farewell to Melanie Brock

and introduction to our new leadership team



First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences and sympathy to all the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquakes.


I am pleased to be joining the event to farewell Melanie Brock and to meet the new ANZCCJ leadership team.


Kamaishi is a city of Fish, Steel and Rugby. People in the community have loved and supported Rugby as a tradition and as the pride of our city.


Even though the Tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated our city, Rugby was always in our mind and rugby has brought us many blessings. Thanks to the bonds that rugby brings, we have received so much support from all over the world including from Melanie-san.


More than five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We have placed the highest priority on assistance for the rebuilding of houses for the disaster victims.   The construction of the expressway network has advanced dramatically. Thanks to that we will be able to improve productivity and the quality of life.


It will be an honor for the community to be able to host the RWC2019 in Kamaishi, on behalf of all the affected areas. RWC2019 will spur on the progress in this reconstruction and development.


Every year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kamaishi has sent junior high school students for a short term stay to Christchurch where the earthquake hit contemporaneously.  A citizen’s volunteer group has already started several new programs for internationalising young people. For instance, some students study at the guide training course in English after school and some other students were dispatched to RWC2015 in England.


In 2019, the recovery from the disaster will be achieved. RWC2019 will be an opportunity to express our gratitude to those who aided and supported in various ways from all over the world.


Rugby can make many great bonds between people. RWC is the world festival of Rugby that gives the dream and the hope for the young people. And it is to be an outstanding opportunity to build a greater friendship among people throughout the world.


It is our great pleasure to bring up friendships with you based on a rugby spirit from now on.

Thank you and I look forward to collaborating with ANZCCJ in the future.

Takenori Noda

Kamaishi City Mayor


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