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ANZCCJ Submission on the draft Security of Critical Infrastructure Bill

25 Oct 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Australian Government is undertaking a public consultation on the draft Security of Critical Infrastructure Bill and ANZCCJ is coordinating views from the membership.

"Critical infrastructure provides services that are essential for everyday life such as energy, food, water, transport, communications, health and banking and finance.

A disruption to critical infrastructure could have a range of serious implications for business, governments and the community.

The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy, which comprises a policy statement and a plan for practical implementation, aims to ensure the continued operation of critical infrastructure in the face of all hazards.

More resilient critical infrastructure supports the continued provision of essential services to businesses, governments and the community, as well as to other critical infrastructure sectors.

Secure and resilient infrastructure supports productivity, and helps to drive the business activity that underpins economic growth."

The Attorney-General's Department is the lead agency for critical infrastructure. For details on the consultation process, click here. To submit views or comments on the draft bill, email ANZCCJ Executive Director at Cristina.Merino@anzccj.jp

Source: Attorney-General's Department website

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