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ANZ BlueNotes article: 1 + 1 = 3 Lendlease-Softbank US expansion

22 Nov 2017 3:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

ANZ BlueNotes has released an article on the future of the Australia - Japan relationship.  Australia and Japan have shared a strong relationship since the middle of the last century, and now, as mature economies, are embarking on the exciting opportunity of third country partnerships.

The article highlights Lendlease (ANZCCJ Platinum Sponsor) and SoftBank establishing a joint venture to expand into the United States to develop and own telecom infrastructure. There is also mention of Austrade’s Japanese Investment in Australia report shedding light on Japanese brewer, Kirin, now selling its Australian beer brand, Beer Creature, in China. Expanding business via third country partnership is the next phase of what is a healthy, mature Australia – Japan bilateral complementary relationship.

The 15-year relationship between Softbank and Lendlease has enabled the companies to make an expansion of this calibre. The article also highlights the stability and security offered to those wanting to invest or expand in Japan. The country, structurally backed by a stable democracy, has been facing the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth in well over a decade and is increasingly becoming open to trade. Additionally, with the mutual relationship built up over decades, the article notes that Japan is a low risk opportunity for businesses that needs be embraced.

Click here to read the full BlueNotes article.       

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