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    Ridiculously Amazing offer - Autumn Early Bird 2014


    This is a limited-time special offer.

    Autumn Early Bird 2014 from JPY99,000*.

    This fare includes all taxes and the fuel surcharge which means the air fare is ONLY from JPY41,900! Enjoy discount prices for New Zealand’s early summer.


    -Deal -

    Early Bird New Zealand from JPY99,000*


    Sales period:

    29 Aug - 9 Sep 2014


    Travel period:

    Commenced by 1 Sep - 16 Nov, completed by 30 Nov 2014


    *These prices are return fare and include a fuel surcharge and taxes.

    Taxes are subject to change due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

    Please note the final price on the confirmation page before you pay.


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    For Immediate Release 報道資料











    安倍首相は77日、最初の訪問地オークランドでジョン・キー・ニュージーランド首相による歓迎を受けました。両首脳は長年にわたる協力関係からもたらされた日NZ関係の成熟と成功を認識し、環太平洋パートナーシップ(TPP)協定交渉を可能な限り早く妥結するとのコミットメントを新たにしたほか、スポーツ分野における二国間協力の発展、特に日本が主催する2019年ラグビーワールドカップの成功に向けて協力することを表明しました。また両首脳は、スポーツの訓練と英語の集中学習の機会を提供するニュージーランド政府主導の事業「Game on English」の始動式に立ち会いしました。安倍首相のニュージーランド滞在は、2011年クライストチャーチ地震の被災地訪問および献花で締めくくられました。











    オーストラリア・ニュージーランドと日本のビジネスにおいて建設的かつ有意義な役割を果たすため、ANZCCJではオーストラリア・ニュージーランドの政府関係者、産業界の有識者や政治家との会合、セミナー、ビジネスネットワーキングなどの定期的なイベントを開催し、こうしたイベントを通じて外交政策や経済情勢の動向や日本市場に関する情報を会員に伝え、新しいビジネスチャンスや人脈作りの機会を提供しております。 また、オーストラリア・ニュージーランドのビジネスのポジティブな認識を日本や国際ビジネスコミュニティーに広めるための提言活動も行います。




    事務局長 北岡美佐子(電話:03-6234-9351/メール



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    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s successful visit to Australia and New Zealand

    enhances cooperation and partnership

    For Immediate Release
    10 July 2014


    The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) welcomes the enhanced cooperation and partnership achieved by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Australia and New Zealand, which took place from 6 to 9 July.


    Prime Minister Abe received a warm welcome by the New Zealand Prime Minister Rt. Hon John Key in Auckland on 7 July. The two leaders acknowledged the success and maturity of the New Zealand-Japan bilateral relations over many years. In addition to expressing their commitment to concluding a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Key welcomed increased bilateral cooperation in sport, particularly for Japan’s hosting of the Rugby World Cup in 2019. Both leaders participated in the launch of “Game On English,” an education programme offered by New Zealand to provide intensive English language courses with sports training. Prime Minister Abe’s stay in New Zealand was concluded by his visit to Christchurch where he paid tribute to the victims of the 2011 earthquake. 

    Prime Minister Abe was formally welcomed to Canberra by the Australian Prime Minister Hon Tony Abbott on 8 July and addressed the Parliament to acknowledge Japan’s friendship and regard for Australia. Both leaders signed the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) for free trade and investment and concluded a deal on the joint development of defense equipment. Prime Minister Abe said stronger and "special" Japan-Australia ties built on common values and strategic interests will contribute to peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. On 9 July, Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Abbott travelled to the Plibara region of Western Australia and visited Rio Tinto’s West Angelas mine, an Australian-Japanese joint venture operation, to see Rio’s world-leading next-generation technology mining equipment.


    The ANZCCJ Chair Melanie Brock was in Australia for the visit and states, “Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Australia and New Zealand was an important milestone for the bilateral relations between Japan and Australia/New Zealand. It will enhance an already strong trading relationship, promote closer regional security and create further opportunities for the business community in the three countries. ”





    About the ANZCCJ


    The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) was established in 1991 to promote the development of commerce between Australia and Japan, and New Zealand and Japan. It is a non-profit organization with approximately 600 members. ANZCCJ’s mission is to play a constructive and meaningful role in developing Australia/New Zealand-Japan business by providing members with an effective source of information, representation and commercial connections.



    Media Contact Name: Misako Kitaoka

    Phone: 03-6234-9351


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    For Immediate Release 報道資料






























    事務局長 北岡美佐子(電話:03-6234-9351/メール


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    For Immediate Release

    Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Visit to Australia and New Zealand

    Welcomed by the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ)

    4 July 2014
    Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, will visit New Zealand and Australia between 6 to 9 July to further advance trading negotiations with the two nations as well as discuss regional security and closer defence cooperation in the Pacific region. This visit is part of a three country tour to New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

    Prime Minister Abe’s visit to New Zealand will be the first by a Japanese Prime Minister in just over 12 years. Strengthened cooperation in the areas of trade, agriculture, defence and security as well as enhanced people to people links will be key priorities when Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John Key meet on 7 July.

    Prime Minister Abe will be the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit Australia since 2007 and is scheduled to deliver an address before the Australian Parliament on 8 July. Prime Minister Abe, who hosted Prime Minister, Hon. Tony Abbott in Japan in April 2014, is expected to sign an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) during the visit.

    With Japan’s increasing investment in the resources sector of Western Australia, at the invitation of Rio Tinto, Prime Minister Abe will also visit the Pilbara, accompanied by Prime Minister Abbott.  The two leaders will visit the West Angelas iron ore mine, a joint venture operation between Rio Tinto, Mitsui & Co. and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, where they will inspect some of Rio Tinto’s world-leading next-generation technology mining equipment. Mr Abe's visit to Western Australia is scheduled for July 9.

    Melanie Brock, Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ), shares the positive outlook among the Australian and New Zealand business community in Japan.

    “The ANZCCJ welcomes Prime Minister Abe’s visit to New Zealand and Australia, which demonstrates Japan’s increasing engagement and commitment to the two nations. The visit would signify stronger ties across business, education, security and defence, potentially opening up new areas of cooperation.”


    About the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ)

    The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) was established in 1991 to promote the development of commerce between Australia and Japan, and New Zealand and Japan. It is a non-profit organization with approximately 600 members. ANZCCJ’s mission is to play a constructive and meaningful role in developing Australia/New Zealand-Japan business by providing members with an effective source of information, representation and commercial connections.

    Media Contact Name: Misako Kitaoka

    Phone: 03-6234-9351


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    Continued growth in holiday arrivals from Australia, USA and Germany and a strong rebound from Japan have driven a solid autumn, with total holiday arrivals up 12.8 per cent for the month of May.

    "USA and Germany were stellar performers over summer and both have maintained significant growth across the shoulder season (USA holiday arrivals up 29.9 per cent and Germany up 19.4 per cent in May), delivering ongoing economic benefit to New Zealand and the industry as we head into the winter ski season," says Tourism New Zealand's General Manager Corporate Affairs Chris Roberts.

    Total arrivals for the year-ending May were up 5.9 per cent, with most of that growth coming from additional holidaymakers - with annual holiday arrivals up 8.9 per cent.

    The growth in arrivals was seen across key offshore markets, with significant holiday arrival growth from Japan up 73.9 per cent, and India, which is now in its peak travel season, up 31.1 per cent.

    "This is the first growth we have seen from Japan in a number of months and is the result of a coordinated effort to drive shoulder season arrivals with Air New Zealand. It is really pleasing to see the additional capacity on the route and our own concerted marketing activity drive the growth we saw in May.

    "Looking at the emerging India market, May is a traditional holiday period as Indian visitors escape the hot Indian summer, and the growth we have seen this year reinforces the potential we see from this market and supports our increased activity to drive arrivals."

    Holiday arrivals grew across Asia with Singapore up 61.5 per cent, Malaysia up 19.2 per cent, Korea up 22.5 per cent and Hong Kong up 53.6 per cent, while arrivals from China in May were relatively flat with a 1.3 per cent increase.

    "For China we are continuing to see a positive change in the visitor mix, with most of the growth coming from independent travellers, rather than short stay group tours. This is reflected by the increased length of stay for Chinese holiday visitors during May - up by more than 20 per cent year-on-year, to an average of 6.6 days."

    Holiday visitors from New Zealand's largest market Australia were up a 5.9 per cent for the month, resulting in 7.4 per cent growth for the year ending May.

    "May is normally a quieter travel period from Australia as visitors wait to visit during the winter ski season so this growth exceeds expectations and is fantastic to see.

    "Just last week our work to promote a winter holiday was lifted to a new level with Australia's highest rating morning show Sunrise broadcast live from Queenstown, showcasing the range of winter activities to its 1.7 million viewers," says Chris.


    Contact Leah McNeil, Senior Communications Advisor, Tourism New Zealand; phone +64 21 843 896
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    Lessons Learned from 2014 Lean Manufacturing Study Tour


    Interest in lean manufacturing, and the potential benefits of improved productivity, quality, safety and employee welfare, has been growing over the past decade within Australian and New Zealand industry.


    Those of us who were fortunate to be present at the ANZCCJ’s 2012 Gala Dinner will recall the excellent address given by Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto, on lean mining, and the application of lean principles within the resources industry. Sam spoke of the laser-like focus that Japan’s automotive industry has on value and efficiency. He also impressed upon the gathering that this same focus, together with a concentrated intent to eliminate variation and waste from every stage of production, was applicable to a wide range of industries.


    The Australian Industry Group Lean Japan Tour was held during the 18th through 24th of May in Tokyo and Nagoya, with the aim of showcasing the rich history that Japanese industry has in the fields of lean manufacturing, industrial engineering and continuous improvement (kaizen). The tour has been an annual initiative of the Australian Industry Group and ANZCCJ member Shinka Management for the past eight years and is designed to provide companies with lean training and first-hand experience of the world-class application of lean manufacturing within Japanese industry.


    This year’s tour group comprised 13 industry professionals from Australia and New Zealand. During the week-long study tour participants learned about the implementation of lean manufacturing and kaizen in some of Japan’s top companies. Participants experienced seminars on lean manufacturing and operations analysis, and several factory tours.


    The factory tours and reception provided by the host companies throughout the week were excellent. Isuzu Corporation (Metal One Group), which specialises in the process and sales of cold rolled steel was a standout in terms of the company’s dedication to employee welfare and motivation, and their efficient use of space within their service centres. The tour group was impressed by the level of excellence on display in terms of productivity and organisation within Isuzu’s immaculate Gifu Service Centre.



    Inoac, a world-leading innovator and producer of polyurethane, plastic, rubber and composite materials, was another standout visit. The company provided a warm reception, and led the group on a tour of the company’s Anjo plant prior to a discussion with several members of their senior management team regarding their production management systems and kaizen activities.


    Two days of the tour were dedicated to lean training at a Toyota Group lean training centre. The group developed their understanding of the Toyota Production System (TPS) during their stay, and in addition to classroom and hands-on training, experienced TPS in action on the floor of a vehicle assembly plant and through visits and management discussions with two Toyota Group suppliers. The application of Just-In-Time manufacturing, visual management, supplier development and kanban systems were all covered.



    The tour also included visits to two multinational companies applying lean principles within the food and beverage industry. Kikkoman, famous for its excellence in R&D and innovation in the production and distribution of soy sauce, was the tour group’s first visit. In addition to a plant tour, a management discussion was held with Kikkoman staff presenting on two of their recent kaizen projects.

    ITO EN, the world leader in production and distribution of green tea products, was the group’s final visit. The tour included ITO EN’s R&D and quality control labs, tea processing and packaging, and their new coffee roasting facility for their Tully’s Coffee brand. The group met with representatives from ITO EN’s production division responsible for administering the company’s kaizen and employee suggestion schemes.


    In addition to learning about Japanese management philosophy and productivity practices, the tour group spent the week immersed in Japanese culture, received training on Japanese business etiquette, and experienced local food, drink, entertainment and customs.



    The group was joined by Misako Kitaoka, Executive Director, and Andrew Peyton, Executive Council Member, who represented ANZCCJ at the farewell dinner for the tour group. The participants were delighted to have representatives from Austrade and ANZCCJ member company WINTEX join us on the evening as well.



    The tour was led by lean consultants Shinka Management, in conjunction with the Australian Industry Group and Simply Lean Business Solutions. A second Lean Japan Tour is scheduled for this year, to be held during the 9th through 15th November 2014. For further details see the Lean Study Mission page.

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    Congratulations to 2014-2015 ANZCCJ Executive Council Members!

    2014 Annual General Meeting was held at the Australian Embassy on 4 June. The meeting attracted 31 guests and was opened with a welcome by the Australian Ambassador to Japan Mr Bruce Miller.

    ANZCCJ Chair Melanie Brock went on to present the Chair's Message, highlighting the Chamber's achievements in membership growth as well as the developemnts in the trade relations between Australia/New Zealand and Japan, including the visit of the Australian Prime Minister, the Hon.Tony Abbott in April 2014. The Chair thanked all sponsors and members for their dedicated support for the Chamber.

    Treasurer Ryann Thomas reported the Financial Statement 2013-2014, highlighting membership growth and efficient management of accounts receivable, made possible with the launch of new website and database.

    2014-2015 ANZCCJ Executive Council Members were officially announced by the Executive Director Misako Kitaoka. Five new members are set to serve two-year terms (2014-2016) and seven members are set to continue the second year of their two year terms (2013-2015). In addition, Melanie Brock has been appointed as Chair, Andrew Gauci and Nick Mudge as Vice Chair for the term 2014-2015.

    2014-2016 Executive Council Members

    Nevin Amos (NZ)                     Comvita Japan Company Ltd
    Ed Cole (AU)                           Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer                              

    Peter Davis (AU)                      Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
    Andrew Peyton (AU)                Horitomi Commercial and Industrial Inc

    Nobi Yamaji (JP)                      Rio Tinto Japan Ltd

    Continuing Executive Council Members 2013-2015

    Melanie Brock (AU)                 Crown Resorts

    Andrew Gauci (AU)                  Lend Lease

    Nick Mudge (NZ)                     Tourism New Zealand 

    Damien Roberts (AU)               Ashurst                                                

    Craig Saphin (AU)                    en world Japan K.K.                            

    Ryann Thomas (NZ)                PricewaterhouseCoopers       
    Kohei Tsushima (JP)                National Australia Bank                                                


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    Tourism New Zealand Media Release

    New Zealand – the most exciting place to learn a new language

    Last Updated on: 28 May 2014


    Photo credit: Julian Aspe

    Giving international students the chance to experience the exhilarating adventure New Zealand is famous for while they study is the aim of the first joint marketing campaign Tourism New Zealand and Education New Zealand launched on May 26 in Japan.

    The two agencies have joined forces to attract young Japanese to New Zealand with the offer of up to $300 worth of adventure activities.

    Every student who enrols with one of the 26 English Language Schools taking part in the campaign will get to experience some of the best adventures New Zealand has to offer. Activities range from a bungy jump in Queenstown to a jet boat ride on Auckland's magnificent harbour. The campaign will run through to June.

    Tourism New Zealand's Chief Executive Kevin Bowler says international students contribute significant tourism dollars to the country by travelling during their study, and hosting their friends and family.

    "The education market is a significant one, so it makes perfect sense for us to combine our efforts, and leverage the combined strength of the New Zealand brand as both an education and tourism destination, to convert more students to travel and study here."

    Grant McPherson, Chief Executive, Education New Zealand says this campaign is a great example of the education-tourism opportunities which exist in New Zealand.

    "Tourism New Zealand's flagship campaign 100% Pure New Zealand tells the story of this country's unparalleled combination of landscapes, people and activities. "New Zealand is one of the highest quality English language education destinations in the world but it is our setting which really makes us stand out from the crowd so it makes a lot of sense for the two agencies to join forces on a marketing campaign. I am excited to see the results."

    The campaign challenges Japanese students already thinking about studying in New Zealand to take the next step and convert their general interest into actual enrolment.

    Japan is currently New Zealand's fourth largest source country for international students but there is potential to grow this market further. The Japanese government has an increased focus on international education and improving English language skills in the lead up to hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Summer Olympics. ENZ is working on realising that opportunity.

    There are plans to roll out similar campaigns in other countries including Brazil in the coming months.

    For the original release, please click here.

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    Survey on Australians living and working in Asia



    Conducted by:

    'Asia Literacy: Language and Beyond'

    ACOLA Securing Australia's Future Program



    As part of the 'Asia Literacy: Language and Beyond' Project, The Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) is conducting a survey to investigate Australian expats’ reason for, and experiences of, living and working in Asia. The project is of considerable national importance, and is part of the Securing Australia’s Future program, under the ACOLA. The results of this survey will help to strengthen Asia-Australia relations and increase Australia’s prospects in Asia by improving the way its education system fosters Asia literacy.



    The survey (link below) takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and is totally confidential, with only the aggregate data used.





    Deadline: 23 May 2014.


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