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    ANZCCJ had an exciting start to the Rugby World Cup 2019 season with a very special guest visiting Japan. The Chamber, together with the New Zealand Embassy and Japan New Zealand Business Council (JNZBC), had the honour of hosting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern for a business luncheon at the Conrad Tokyo. The lunch was attended by over 200 guests and the Prime Minister spoke about New Zealand working together with Japan on renewable energy, in particular thermal energy, encouraging young Japanese women in agriculture and business, and the success of a number of partnerships between the two countries through R&D. Four of these R&D partnerships, covering a broad range of research areas including AI and robotics, bio-fuels from microalgae, functional foods and health supplements, were formalised with the signing of MOUs at a ceremony after the lunch. Akira Ichikawa, Chair of the Japan Committee for the JNZBC and Representative Director for Sumitomo Forestry Co Ltd., also spoke at the lunch, expressing his gratitude and well-wishes for the PM’s visit to Japan. Our Co-Vice Chair Catherine O’Connell was MC for the event. The full joint statement issued by both countries is online here. A copy of the PM's speech is available in English here and Japanese here

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    The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) is proud to announce the ANZCCJ Rugby Charity Gala to be held at the Palace Hotel, Tokyo on Friday, September 27th, 2019.

    This prestigious event will see the ANZCCJ host the who’s who of Japanese and international rugby as Japan plays host to the world’s largest rugby tournament. The event will also be attended by guests from the Australian and New Zealand embassies, local government, as well as international and local corporate supporters of rugby.

    Attendees at the ANZCCJ Bledisloe Cup Gala held in 2018

    Left to right : Steve Tew, CEO of New Zealand Rugby / Melanie Brock, Chair Emeritus of the ANZCCJ / Takenori Noda, Mayor of Kamaishi / Raelene Castle, CEO Rugby of Australia / Andrew Gauci, former Chair of the ANZCCJ / Richie McCaw, former All Blacks captain.

    This year, the Chamber will be presenting three awards to people who have contributed to the growth of rugby in Japan and around the world.

    The 3 award categories that will be presented on the night are:

                Leadership in Rugby Award  

                Diversity in Rugby Award

                Community Award

    Funds raised at this this year’s event will support grass roots rugby clinics for Kamaishi children conducted by former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw and New Zealand Rugby at the new Kamaishi Recovery Stadium in Iwate Prefecture. Charities also supported will be ‘ChildFund Pass it Back’ and ‘Support Our Kids’.

    With this event, the ANZCCJ continues its proud tradition of building on the great relationship shared by Australia, New Zealand and Japan across business, sport, and the wider community.

    Tickets to this exclusive event are on sale now via the ANZCCJ website (information below). Seating is limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Guests at the Rugby Charity Gala will enjoy a four course menu infused with the finest Australian and New Zealand food and wine, with entertainment from world renowned singer songwriter and voice artist Donna Burke and her band, Ganime Jazz.

    Event details:

         ANZCCJ Rugby Charity Gala 2019

         Date: Friday, 27th September, 2019

         Time: 19:00 - 21:00 (registration starts at 18:15)

         Venue: Aoi Ballroom 2F, Palace Hotel Tokyo (1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005)

         Ticket Information:

         Dress Code: Business Attire or Black Tie (optional)


    About the ANZCCJ

    The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) is an independent, non-profit organisation that has been dedicated to the development of commerce between Australia, New Zealand and Japan since 1972.
    The ANZCCJ currently has approximately 700 members. The membership consists of Australian and New Zealand members conducting business in Japan, Japanese companies with economic ties to Australia and New Zealand, overseas members and others maintaining business relationships between Japan and Australia/ New Zealand.

    A downloadable PDF document containing this press release can be found here.

  • 02 Sep 2019 2:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    在日オーストラリア・ニュージーランド商工会議所(以下、ANZCCJ)は、来る2019927日(金)に、「ラグビー・チャリティ・ガラ・ディナー 2019」をパレスホテル東京で開催する運びとなりました。



    左から、ニュージーランド・ラグビー協会CEO スティーブ・チュー氏、ANZCCJ 名誉会頭 メラニー・ブロック、岩手県釜石市長 野田 武則氏、オーストラリア・ラグビー協会CEO レイリーン・キャッスル氏、ANZCCJ 会頭 アンドリュー・ガウチ、元オールブラックスのキャプテン リッチー・マコウ氏


    • リーダーシップ・イン・ラグビー賞
    • ダイバーシティ・イン・ラグビー賞
    • コミュニティ賞

    本イベントの収益の一部は、岩手県の釜石鵜住居復興スタジアムにて、元オールブラックスのキャプテン リッチー・マコウ氏とニュージーランド・ラグビー協会によって釜石の子どもたちのために開催されたラグビークリニックのほか、スポーツと国際開発を組み合わせたプログラム「ChildFund Pass it Back」、および東日本大震災被災児童自立支援プロジェクト「Support Our Kids」の支援にあてられます。


    尚、本イベントのチケットは、ANZCCJのウェブサイトから購入可能です。席数には限りがありますので、お早めにお申し込みください。参加者は、オーストラリア、ニュージーランドのフュージョン料理コースメニューとワインに加え、世界的に知られるシンガーソングライターのドナ・バークとそのバンド ガニメジャズによるエンターテインメントをお楽しみいただけます。

    ラグビー・チャリティ・ガラ・ディナー2019 概要>

    • 日時:2019927日(金) 19:002100(受付開始18:15
    • 会場:パレスホテル東京 2F 葵の間 (住所:東京都千代田区丸の内1-1-1
    • チケット購入
    • ドレスコード:ビジネス、またはブラックタイ

    ANZCCJ について



  • 29 Aug 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Wednesday 28 August, Austrade and the NSW Government jointly hosted an R&D seminar at the Australian Embassy. Austrade General Manager for North East Asia, Brett Cooper, articulated the "R&D as a service" offering for Japanese companies and the benefits of partnering with Australian universities and research institutes to leverage commercial opportunities in Australia and in overseas markets. NSW Government Commissioner, Peter Knight, and NUW Alliance CEO, Matt Gijselman, explained the major infrastructure initiatives in Western Sydney around the Aerotropolis and described the "multiversity" as a potential R&D partner to Japanese companies.

    A panel discussion moderated by the Austrade's Business Development Manager, George Manetakis, discussed the experiences of Hitachi, MHI Australia, The University of Tokyo and Keio University in partnering with Australian universities. Professor Jenny Corbett, representing the Foundation for Australia Japan Studies, gave an overview of various R&D grants and tax incentives available for companies undertaking research in Australia.

    Finally, Trade Commissioner, Scott Morriss, detailed the practical support Austrade provides to Japanese Companies looking for R&D partners. Namely, acting as their own personal 'Technology Attaché' to pinpoint research capabilities in Australia.

  • 01 Aug 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From 1-31 August 2019, visitors to the Tuku Iho | Living Legacy exhibition in Gallery 3, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will be transported to a different country and culture. The exhibition, developed by the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute (NZMACI), aims to protect, promote and perpetuate Māori arts, crafts and culture. By offering guests the opportunity to experience unique artworks and performance for free, Tuku Iho | Living Legacy plays an important role in deepening awareness and understanding of New Zealand culture as Japan gears up for the much-anticipated Rugby World Cup.

    The exhibition began with a spectacular opening night performance by Rob Ruha & Jay'ed, which involved a musical collaboration of Te Reo Māori and Japanese that created a stunning track "Ka Rere". Live performance continued to be a core feature of the exhibition, with Raukura performing the Kapa Haka daily from 1-14 August in various locations around Tokyo. Kapa Haka encompasses traditional Māori performing arts, one of which is the famous ‘Haka’ performed at the beginning of rugby matches. Raukura is a kapa haka group consisting of young talented performers selected to travel and perform with Tuku Iho | Living Legacy after winning New Zealand’s National Secondary Schools Kapa Haka Competition in 2018.

    In addition to their live performances, over 50 unique pieces of art produced by NZMACI will be displayed throughout the duration of the exhibition. These works cover a range of mediums, including traditional and contemporary stone, bone, pounamu (greenstone), wood carvings, textile works and bronze works. Guests can also experience similar pieces being created before their eyes, with the creations later being donated to the hosting venues.

    Project leader Kiri Atkinson-Crean from Te Puia emphasises the many cultural connections between New Zealand and Japan. ‘There are many synergies between Māori and Japanese cultures’, stated Crean, ‘particularly in relation to the use of stories to keep history alive, dance, art and the importance of ancient legacy to modern society.’ Jamus Webster, who came to Japan with Tuku Iho | Living Legacy as the Kapa Haka tutor, believes the exhibition is ‘an opportunity to showcase, create relationships and educate the world about our unique Māori culture’.

    In fact, every detail of Tuku Iho | Living Legacy has been carefully crafted by Karl Johnstone, former director of NZMACI, who hopes to not only share Māori culture but learn about other cultures and encourage a dialogue about identity. This fits within the exhibition’s broader goals to extend beyond cultural engagement and enable the strengthening of political relationships, encourage the forging of education partnerships and facilitate international trade opportunities. Since 2013, Tuku Iho | Living Legacy has travelled to China, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, North America - and now Japan - with huge success. ANZCCJ would like to express our gratitude to NZMACI for bringing a taste of New Zealand to Tokyo and wish them all the best in the future.

  • 24 Jul 2019 4:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Guidelines to Best Practice, administered by Australia’s Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR), mandates agencies to undertake a post-implementation review for all regulatory changes that have major impacts on the economy. Regulatory changes adopted as a result of JAEPA will be subject to such a review. This post-implementation review is separate to the various review mechanisms contained in JAEPA itself. The review is due in January 2020 which will be five years from JAEPA’s entry into force. During this process, Australian stakeholders are invited to make submissions on the impact of JAEPA on their businesses. Further information on the call for submissions can be found here. Submissions need to be made before 23 August 2019.

  • 19 Jul 2019 1:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sydney, 18 July 2019: Lendlease today announced it has entered into an agreement with Google to jointly undertake the master planning, entitlement and development of three major areas in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Lendlease estimates that it will develop up to 15 million square feet of residential, retail, hospitality, and other associated community uses in the new neighborhoods. Google will focus on developing its office space within these mixed communities.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Google and Lendlease will work together for the next 10 to 15 years to redevelop the company’s landholdings in San Jose, Sunnyvale and Mountain View into vibrant mixed-use communities.

    The residential, retail, hospitality and other associated civic components have an estimated end development value of approximately US$15 billion (approx. AUD$20 billion). Subject to planning approval, development work could commence as early as 2021.

    Quotes attributable to David Radcliffe, Vice President, Real Estate and Workplace Services, Google:

    “Lendlease has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in residential, retail, and mixed-use developments. Today's agreement expands on an existing and successful partnership that will help us deliver on two important objectives: our commitment to accelerate the production of residential units in the Bay Area, and our plan to build mixed-use developments. Lendlease will play a key role in helping deliver at least 15,000 new homes on our land.”

    Quotes attributable to Denis Hickey, CEO Americas, Lendlease:

    “This joint agreement between Google and Lendlease will help address the need for new housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re eager to contribute our world-class approach to creating unique urban communities, and we are focused on delivering outstanding places that redefine how people choose to live, work, connect and contribute to creating an active community.”


    For more information please contact:

    International Media:

    Stephen Ellaway

    Executive General Manager, Corporate Communications

    +61 417 851 287 

    Lendlease is a leading international property and infrastructure group with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Their vision is to create the best places; places that inspire and enrich the lives of people around the world. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Lendlease has approximately 13,000 employees internationally. Their core capabilities are reflected in their operating segments of Development, Construction and Investments. The combination of these three segments provides them with a sustainable competitive advantage and allows them to provide innovative integrated solutions for their customers.

    They are known as 联实 in Chinese. For more information, please visit:

  • 11 Jul 2019 12:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On 4 July the ANZCCJ hosted the Global CEO and founder of Guzman y Gomez (GYG) Steven Marks at one of his stores in Shibuya. Steven shared about his passion for people and good Mexican food which led him to commercial success in Australia. He also shared about his vision for the Japanese market, representing the next frontier for him and the business. The audience, consisting of ANZCCJ members and guests, including those from the ACCJ and CCCJ, listened attentively to Steven's journey and enjoyed the opportunity to taste GYG’s premium 'fast food' firsthand. 

    Steven spoke of how his passion for numbers and attention to detail led him from the streets of New York to Wall Street, then London, and now Sydney where he has lived for over 17 years. Starting his first restaurant in Newtown Sydney, there are now 126 stores in Australia, making GYG the fastest growing food company in Australia; it will add another 24 restaurants in Australia this year. Its Grilled Chicken Burrito is currently Australia’s top takeaway dish on Deliveroo and number 7 worldwide. GYG are also amongst UberEats top options on their delivery platform. Internationally GYG has 8 restaurants in Singapore, 4 restaurants in Tokyo and is about to launch into the US. 

    Steven attributes his success to his commitment to quality of produce used, the culture to build and invest in his people, and his philosophy to never compromise on these things. He believes that once people people try GYG, they will come to love it and appreciate its quality. Part of the journey for him was redefining how Mexican food was viewed in Australia. At the core of all their products, Mexican authenticity and nutritional value are key. True to his prediction, after trying the food at the event, guests commented that they would surely be returning to the restaurant again with their families and friends in tow. 

    Many members were also interested in the practical and cultural difficulties of introducing the franchise into Japan. Steven noted that ANZCCJ member Transit Group was, and remains, integral to his expansion into Japan. With their help GYG has navigated cultural differences and the negative perception of Mexican food in Japan to create a ‘super visual’ restaurant experience. The menu has also been augmented to include a Japanese Chicken Teriyaki burrito to appeal to Japanese tastes. Steven hopes to build brand recognition in Asia by creating a flagship store in Tokyo soon. 

    Members asked whether the ingredients were locally sourced or supplied from Japan or Mexico. Steven replied that although some ingredients are sourced from Japan, most ingredients including avocados are Australian with authentic spices and chilies sent in from Mexico.

  • 10 Jul 2019 4:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Wednesday 10 July, ANZ, together with the Chamber, hosted the Natural Resources and Energy Opportunities in Australia event at the Peninsula Hotel. The event provided an overview of the current Australian resources market, highlighted past trends and gave predictions relating to the continued global use of Australian resources. The event also highlighted the 50th anniversary of ANZ in Japan and emphasised the strong relationship that ANZ has with Japanese companies looking to invest in Australia. Over 80 guests attended the event. After opening remarks by the ANZ Country Head Japan, Mr Mitchell Mason and ANZCCJ Co-Vice Chair, Mr Noboru Yamaji, various directors from ANZ and Wood Mackenzie outlined different aspects of the industry. Translation for all speakers in the event was provided in both English and Japanese.

    The conference began with an outlook on the global supply and demand of oil, including the rise of electric vehicles and climate regulation in the automotive industry. It was explained how the eventual transition away from oil will result in an increase in the need for minerals such as nickel, cobalt and lithium – all of which can be found commercially in Australia. LNG is also expected to have a 5% per annum growth rate. Despite existing challenges in the industry, from 2021 the LNG price will rise notably, and opportunity still exists in the sector for agile companies and joint ventures.

    It was noted that countries are still expanding despite the trade war darkening the commodities market. Chinese construction and steel production remains strong and reliant on Australian iron ore and coking coal imports. Copper supply also continues to lag demand and will be incredibly important in the production of electric vehicles. It is estimated that electric vehicles will require approximately seven times more copper than standard petrol dependent vehicles.

    Australia is also strategically well placed for lithium investment. Australia accounts for 45% of lithium production in the form of hard rock spodumene. This is advantageous to Australia as spodumene is 15% cheaper to convert than brine. Other hard rock investment opportunities are also open to companies that wish to form a joint venture with FMG in their high-grade “Iron Bridge” magnetite project in Pilbara, Western Australia.

    It was explained that further opportunities exist for companies to invest in creating new infrastructure for Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) – one of the largest connected power grids in the world. As Australia’s older coal generators become retired over the next few decades there will be an increased need for solar, wind and battery storage. ANZ is particularly invested in the promotion of renewables, and in 2018 made its first corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to demonstrate ANZ’s commitment to the environment. ANZ stressed that oil, gas, minerals and renewables can be interlinked. Japanese investment in hydrogen to drive Australia’s next resource boom was also explored.   

    The conference concluded with the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and socialise over networking drinks.

    Thank you to ANZ for hosting the informative seminar and to the Peninsula hotel for their warm hospitality.

  • 10 Jul 2019 11:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AFL or “Aussie Rules” as many of us call it, is an integral part of modern day Australia’s national identity. So, whilst we at the Chamber are incredibly excited about the upcoming Rugby World Cup (RWC19), we think it’s worth sharing about the exciting developments AFL has had in Japan too. For example, did you know that AFL is played in Japan?

    Two weeks ago we had the privilege of hearing from a local AFL team, the Goannas’ President (Tom Bowes), Coach (Sam Ghirardello) and member (Yuki Saito) at our Sports For Business meeting. We were so inspired by their story that we knew we should pass it on.

    So where did it all start and how did AFL find its way into Japan? AFL in Japan kicked off when Fuji TV became interested in Australia and approached the Victorian Football League, setting up a game in Yokohama in 1986 and 1987. Keio and Waseda students were assembled to play “curtain raisers”, and the VFL coaches were so impressed they invited Japanese players to come to Australia to train. This was during a period when Japan’s economy was growing with large investment into Australia, which drove rapid growth and enthusiasm. There were also a lot of young Australians moving to Japan. The Goannas were formally established early in 1991 and have been a constant part of Australian life in Tokyo ever since.

    On the Japanese side, after the initial surge in popularity, playing numbers were declining, particularly after the end of the bubble era. It wasn’t until a sports magazines ran features on ‘Aussie Ball’ that popularity picked up again. The Australian Football League Japan (AFL Japan) started a multi-team Japan wide competition in 2004 which continues to this day. Another boom, in the Australian economy this time, saw a lot of Japanese and Australian engagement over the coming years, and the Goannas had strong links in the business councils and big Australian companies operating in Japan. However, the end of the mining boom and the 2011 Great East Earthquake and resulting Fukushima crisis saw many Australians leave Japan. Consequently, the Goannas membership changed to involve younger players who were no longer as well connected with the business community.

    Today, sport is a big part of the relationship between Australia and Japan. AFL in particular is a niche product that is uniquely Australian. The Goannas are 1 of 10 Australian football clubs in Japan which are members of the governing body, AFL Japan. Being the only English-speaking club and the most recognisable for Australians, they often serve as a link to the media and they have a strong consumer brand on social media amongst Japanese university students.

    The Goannas offer a community to Australian ex-pats in Japan looking to build their network and hold on to a little piece from home that they know and love. President, Tom Bowes said the group feel that they have a key role to play and actively seek to provide a life platform for young Australians, including a friendship network extending to the players in the Japanese teams. Japanese youth who want to practice English have a chance to go overseas through AFL, and those that have that opportunity return to Japan grow up with a lasting connection to Australia.

    The Goannas are looking to become more involved with Australian social networks and groups in Japan. Get in touch if you would like to make an impact and show support!

    At the Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, we believe in the power of sport to build lasting social and business connections irrespective of cultural differences. To read more about ANZCCJ’s sports for business committee and to learn about how to join, please visit our website

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