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 March 2016 Issue  


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This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami.  We dedicate this issue of the ANZCCJ newsletter to those who lost loved ones to the natural disasters that hit the Tohoku region and who are still recovering from their loss.   

At the Chamber we are honoured to support two organisations that continue to play vital roles in facilitating rebuilding activities in Tohoku: Support our Kids (SOK) and O.G.A. for Aid.  SOK supports children whose lives have been deeply affected by the 2011 disasters through overseas homestay programs, charity auctions and other activities. Every time you register for an ANZCCJ event, 500 yen of your event fee goes towards SOK.  O.G.A. for Aid is an NPO based out of Minami Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture. They are the longest running international aid organisation in Tohoku and have been organising community rebuilding workshops and events since March 2011. The Chamber teams up with O.G.A. for Aid to organise Volunteer Weekends to Minami Sanriku every year.  The next one will be held on 28-29 May and and I strongly encourage you to join us and help remind the people of Tohoku that they have not been forgotten.

Travelling to Tohoku gives you a sense of what happened on 3.11 but more importantly, what needs to be done. The sheer scale of the reconstruction work needs to be seen to be believed.  Being there means you can be part of a conversation with the locals and hear more about what they actually need. My most recent trip to Tohoku, timed to attend the 3.11 Memorial Service in Minami Sanriku, was a great example of the importance of ongoing relationship building.  I met with the Mayor of Kamaishi (the venue for one of the matches in the 2019 Rugby World Cup) and discussed ways the Australian and New Zealand business community might be come involved in the lead-up to 2019. I stayed the night with a beef producer I first met in 2011 (as part of the MLA Together With Japan program) and over fine Iwate wagyu shabu shabu and a drop or two of Australian red (donated by the lovely folks at The Peninsula) we talked about how producers and farmers might gain more knowledge about marketing their products in overseas markets. More opportunities for some of our members perhaps.  In any case, getting up there and having a look around, and a chat, is well worth the effort.

Many companies and individuals have been terrific in terms of their ongoing engagement in Tohoku. This month we would like to highlight the fantastic work that some of our main corporate sponsors – ANZ, Lendlease, MLA, Australian Embassy Tokyo, and Rio Tinto Japan – continue to do in Tohoku.   

Melanie Brock


Australian Embassy Tokyo: Australia is with Minami Sanriku

Almost immediately after the earthquake and tsunami, a 76-strong Urban Search and Rescue Team from Australia was dispatched to the town to search for survivors. Australia and Minami Sanriku have since then forged a special and lasting friendship.

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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ)

ANZ Japan supported the construction of the Minami Sanriku Australia Friendship Learning Centre, also known as "Koala House", officially opened on 1 Feb 2013. This was the first permanent building to be built in the town after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Partnering with Lend Lease Japan - who provided project management services throughout the building's construction on a pro-bono basis - ensured that Australian cultural themes were applied to the building's design, as a tribute to Australia's strong support of Minami Sanriku.

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Lendlease Foundation: Supporting Minami Sanriku

Since May 2013, Lendlease Japan has been running regular volunteer trips to Minami Sanriku and encouraged around 370 of its employees to visit the town 14 times through this program. Each visit lasts two days and provides participants with opportunities to volunteer and learn from the local communities.

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Meat & Livestock Australia: Together with Japan

Through MLA's Together with Japan initiative, the Australian beef industry has delivered on-the ground relief such as food supplies to evacuation centres and delivery of cattle feed to Tohoku producers; conducted producer-to-producer exchange programs; and most recently supported five Tohoku students to visit Australia and learn about Australian cattle production systems.

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Rio Tinto Japan

Since the March 2011 disaster, Rio Tinto have directed their community activities to supporting the Tohoku region, with a focus on children and youth, namely through their scholarship fund and their support of NPOs "Arts for Hope" and "Vigor Japan". 

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Street Rugby at Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016

02 Apr 2016 1:30 PM | Sakura Dori, Nihonbashi


Cool Japan Fund Seminar

13 Apr 2016 | Canadian Embassy Tokyo


Breaking new boundaries - what bringing the Rugby World Cup to Japan means for the sport

22 Apr 2016 8:00 AM | Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo 27F Pavilion


ANZAC Day Memorial Service

25 Apr 2016 | Commonwealth War Cemetery


Tohoku Volunteer Weekend and Friendship Festival

28-29 May 2016 | Minamisanriku




"Rain Dreaming" - music album launch

01 Apr 2016 | Club Edge Roppongi


Premium dinner by Luke Mangan

29 Mar 2016 | Restaurant Salt by Luke Mangan


Australia Society Tokyo Spring Evening Picnic

7 May 2016 | Australia Embassy Tokyo



JANZ Golf Competition 14th Australian Ambassador's Cup

24 May 2016 | Kiyokawa Country Club