June 2021  


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Message from the Chair

Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome to the June edition of our Monthly Newsletter.

Here in Tokyo we are now less than 30 days out from the opening of the Olympic Games, and are watching international teams begin to trickle in to the country. The Australian Women’s Softball team were the first overseas athletes to arrive and are currently enjoying the hospitality of the city of Ota in Gunma Prefecture. Despite the challenges of a pandemic-era Games and the need to maintain isolation, we hope for a safe and successful tournament for all involved.

Thankfully, we have also watched the pace of the vaccination rollout kick up a notch, with the Suga Government’s target of 1 million doses a day reportedly reached on June 22. Many in our community have begun to participate in the corporate or other large-scale vaccination schemes, and while new applications have been temporarily suspended, the light is growing more visible at the end of the tunnel.

At the same time, we understand that the remaining restrictions currently in place will continue to place a burden on many of our hospitality members in particular. Just this week, we held a virtual meeting with a group of hospitality and tourism members based in several locations outside the Kanto region to hear the challenges they are facing, unique solutions and opportunities that have arisen in the past 18 months, and how we can better support each other going forward. It was an important reminder of the many excellent hotels, resorts, and tourism businesses within our membership base and the strong value the regional Japan tourism industry has to offer as a whole  – be sure to check in with our membership directory and promotions page when planning your next trip.

Also on the virtual front, it was excellent to hear the success of New Zealand’s first ever virtual trade mission to Japan in early June. The result of extensive work for our colleagues at NZTE and the New Zealand Embassy, this trade mission partnered business leaders in key sectors with their counterparts in Japan to strengthen relationships and identify new trade and investment opportunities. 

We also bid farewell to the outgoing Austrade General Manager for NEA, Brett Cooper, who served as an ex-officio member of our Executive Council for the past 5 years. Thank you for your support and assistance during your time here Brett, and we wish you all the best back onshore. We send a big virtual welcome aboard to Elizabeth Cox who has taken over this role. Many of you know Liz from her tenure on the Executive Council representing Macquarie Group and we are thrilled to have her back on board! We’re looking forward to working with Liz and Austrade more closely and we are sure she’ll be terrific in this new role.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend ahead, and look forward to connecting on- and off-line in July.






また、過去5年間にわたりオーストレードの北東アジア統括ジェネラル・マネージャーとANZCCJ理事会メンバーを務められたブレット・クーパー氏が退任されました。 ブレット・クーパー氏には、これまでのANZCCJへのサポートとご協力に感謝いたします。そして、この役割を引き継いだエリザベス・コックス氏を心から歓迎したいと思います。エリザベスはマッコーリーグループ代表としてANZCCJ理事メンバーに在籍していたことをご存知の方も多いと思いますが、彼女が戻ってきてくれたことを嬉しく思っています。そして、私たちはエリザベス、そしてオーストレードとより密接に連携していくことを楽しみにしており、彼女がこの新しい役割で素晴らしい活躍をしてくれることを確信しています。


Sally Townsend


Upcoming Events

Hidden away in the back of the Australian Budget and unmentioned in the Treasurers speech, was a simple statement confirming that:

“The Government will replace the individual tax residency rules with a new framework that is easy to understand, provides certainty and reduces compliance costs for globally mobile individuals and their employers.”

The Budget has flagged that these changes will likely come into effect from the 1st July 2022.

A new “Bright Line” test is proposed that would deem someone a Resident for Australian Tax Purposes if they are in Australia for more than 183 days in a year. This has very serious and unfair consequences for many expats during this pandemic.

What is more concerning is the proposed ‘Factor Test’ for someone that has spent more than 45 days in Australia. This test is a simple tick box test made up of 4 questions that are so ‘loaded’ that almost any expat would score enough to be considered a resident if they tick 2 of the boxes.

Register for this exclusive free webinar as we clarify:

  • Proposed changes to the Australian Residency Rules
  • Negative impacts of the "Bright Line Rule & Factor Test"
  • What the new Superannuation changes will mean for expats
  • Lobbying against unreasonable Residency Rule changes

ANZCCJ are glad to be teaming up with Australian Chambers in Taipei, South Korea, Lao, Cambodia and Mongolia for this exclusive webinar featuring SMATS Group.

Date: Tues 29 June, 2021

Time Slots:

  • 15:30 - 16:30 JST
  • 19:00 - 20:00 JST

Location: Zoom

Speaker: Steve Douglas, SMATS Group CEO

Please click here for details and registration.


Welcome to the Young Generation Program! A network of young professionals and students in the ANZCCJ community, providing a platform for information sharing, mentoring and professional development.

ANZCCJ is fortunate to count among our members a great number of inspiring business leaders in the Australia/New Zealand-Japan space. This online event will feature three prominent members with successful careers in Japan, who will share the unique paths they took to reach where they are today, as well as advice for students and young professionals just starting out.

Join us on Zoom to meet and network with these leaders and other like-minded professionals.

Date: Wed 30 June, 2021

Time: 18:00 - 19:00

Target: University students and young professionals

Location: Zoom

Price: Free


Sally Townsend (ANZCCJ Chair | South Australia Commissioner to Japan and Korea) 

Kanna Mihara (ANZCCJ Executive Council | Senior Vice President, Macquarie Capital Securities Japan) 

Don Roxburgh (CEO, Wholesum Japan)

Please click here for details and registration.


The AJBCC is pleased to invite ANZCCJ members to the exclusive webinar, Reviewing the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) and How to Maximise the Benefits for Business.

Date: Thurs 1 July 2021
Time: 10:30AM to 11:15AM AEST (9:30AM - 10:15AM JST)

Location: Zoom (online)


Elisabeth Bowes (Chief Negotiator and FAS, DFAT)

Brett Cooper (Returning Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade - Tokyo)

Andrew Parker (Partner - Asia Practice Leader, PwC) will moderate the discussion and provide input from the perspective of Australian business.

The webinar will include an opportunity for Q&A with our guest speakers.

For more information on DFAT's review of the JAEPA, click here

Please click here for details and registration.


【オーストラリアWEBセミナー】メルボルン(VIC州)への新規投資と子会社ガバナンス強化 M&AVC、合弁など最新動向を紹介~


開催日時202179日(金)15:00 – 16:00 JST



  • オーストラリア・ビクトリア州政府 東京事務所 駐日代表 アダム・カニーン
  • ST SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. (SoftBank Corp.) 伊豆原毅郎
  • アシャースト法律事務所 パートナー弁護士 小川夏子
  • 大江橋法律事務所 弁護士・ニューヨーク州弁護士 澤祥雅
  • フェアコンサルティング オーストラリア 豪州公認会計士 讃岐修治
  • フェアコンサルティング オーストラリア 日本国・米国公認会計士 豪州・ニュージーランド勅許会計士 鳥居裕司


オーストラリア・ビクトリア州政府 東京事務所


[Webinar] New Investment in Melbourne (VIC) and Strengthening the Governance of Subsidiaries - Latest Trends in M&A, VC and Joint Ventures

After successfully limiting the spread of COVID-19 through strict lockdowns and thorough containment measures, Australia is quickly returning to normal life.

This webinar will bring together four perspectives, local government, business, legal affairs, and accounting and taxation, to look at the latest trends in investment into Australia, including Melbourne’s attractiveness as a tech city, the investment environment, legal issues to be aware of when entering into a joint venture, and how Japanese parent companies should proceed when travel from Japan remains difficult.

Date & Time: Friday 9 July 2021, 15:00 - 16:00 JST

Location: Zoom (online)

Language: Japanese


  • Mr. Adam Cunneen, Commissioner, Victorian Government Trade & Investment, Tokyo
  • Mr. Takero Izuhara, ST SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. (SoftBank Corp.)
  • Ms. Natsuko Ogawa, Partner, Ashurst
  • Mr. Yoshimasa Sawa, Attorney-at-Law, New York State Bar, Oh-ebashi LPC & Partners
  • Mr. Shuji Sanuki, Australian Certified Public Accountant, Fair Consulting Australia
  • Mr. Hiroshi Torii, Certified Public Accountant (Japan, US), Chartered Accountant (Australia and New Zealand), Fair Consulting Australia


Victorian Government Trade & Investment, Tokyo 



Oh-ebashi LPC & Partners

Fair Consulting


Please click here for details and registration.


Other News

Thank you Brett Cooper | Welcome Elizabeth Cox

Minister (Commercial) General Manager, North East Asia - Austrade

ANZCCJ would like to thank Brett Cooper for his extensive contribution to our Chamber after nearly five years as the Minister (Commercial) General Manager, North East Asia, for Austrade in Tokyo. As an ex-officio member of our Executive Council, Brett has been a valuable source of support and information, especially during this challenging past year.

We would like to warmly welcome incoming Elizabeth Cox (formerly Head of Government Relations, Asia, for Macquarie Group and ANZCCJ Executive Council member) as she assumes this position, and look forward to continue working with her in this new role.


ANZCCJ Major Sponsors - Website Renewal

We are glad to announce a refreshed version of the ANZCCJ Corporate Sponsors list on our website. See here for the updated page and click through to see each Sponsor's company profile or homepage.

Thank you to our sponsors for proving additional content for this site. Please contact Operations Manager Akihiro Ito at akihiro.ito@anzccj.jp to update your company details at any time.


Japan's Vaccine Rollout - Latest Updates

Japan is temporarily suspending approval of new applications for companies and universities to inoculate staff and students. The government will stop accepting new applications from Friday 5 p.m. amid concerns that a further increase in such applications will hamper the smooth delivery of shots. According to Vaccine Minister, Taro Kono, it is unclear when the government will restart accepting applications from workplaces and universities.

So far, just under 20% of the Japanese population has received at least one vaccine dose, and Japan has reached PM Suga's target of 1 million vaccine doses per day. According to an NHK report, over 50% of the population over the age of 65 has received their first dose.

Visit the COVID-19 Portal on our website for more information on vaccinations in Japan.


ANZCCJ - Going on 50 Years

The ANZCCJ is beginning preparations for its 50th anniversary celebrations in 2022. We are calling for expressions of interest from members of our community for contributions to a commemorative book marking this major milestone. We would love to hear all the interesting stories and memories you might have with the chamber over the years.

Please reach out to the ANZCCJ Secretariat at info@anzccj.jp if you have a special ANZCCJ story you wish to share.


Connect with the ANZCCJ Executive Council

The ANZCCJ Executive Council is an elected group of representatives that oversees the Chamber’s governance, determines its policies and priorities, and furthers our core mission.

Consisting of Corporate and Individual members as well as ex-officio representatives from the Australian and New Zealand Embassies, Austrade and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, our Executive Council also serves to be a great source of expertise and industry knowledge for our members.

Find out more about our Executive Council here, and reach out to the ANZCCJ Secretariat at exec.director@anzccj.jp if you wish to connect.


Welcome to our New Members


- Individual  Member -


Tim Gamble

(Joho Technology)




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