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Message from the Chair

Dear members and friends,

Welcome to our May monthly newsletter. 

As countries around the world rollout vaccines and look to the reopening of borders, we feel a strong responsibility to represent the interests of our members and speak on the issues that are affecting the Australian and New Zealand diaspora in the region. One good outcome of this pandemic has been the strengthened relationships with our fellow Chambers in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, and we are collaborating with this network to share calls for fairer treatment from both the Japanese and Australian Governments. We will be releasing public statements on a range of issues in the coming weeks and strongly encourage members to reach out to the Chamber with any concerns so that we may advocate for you and your businesses where possible. 

We were glad to host a mix of online webinars and virtual networking opportunities this month, starting with a fun evening of online networking and raffle prizes with the ACCJ Sales Development Committee, giving members a chance to broaden their connections within a very international mix of participants.

This week, it was a pleasure to work alongside our friends at AustCham Korea to host senior representatives from the South Australian Government and KPMG for an in-depth look at South Australia’s hydrogen capabilities and the newly released Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool. Wearing both my hats as ANZCCJ Chair and South Australia’s Commissioner representing both Japan and Korea, it was fantastic to bring this event to our members and a fitting introduction to our Sustainability Committee, which will officially launch in June. 

On Wednesday, our SME Networking Community hosted member Peter Cassidy of Higashimachi LPC and ANZCCJ Co-Vice Chair Catherine O’Connell for a virtual workshop on the legal landscape in Japan. Having now held three of these SME Workshops in recent months, we are glad to see this community grow and encompass a diverse mix of participants from within our wider membership base. Thank you again to all the speakers who have been involved so far!

Now moving into the warmer months, we look forward to a greater mix of online and in-person events on the horizon to keep you connected and informed. In the meantime, please stay safe and well.



今月は、オンラインウェビナーとバーチャルネットワーキングを組み合わせたイベントを開催しました。まず、在日アメリカ商工会議所(ACCJ)Sales Development委員会とのオンラインネットワーキングについてですが、この中には景品の当たるくじ引きなどワクワクするアクティビティもあり、国際色豊かな参加者の中でメンバー同士の繋がりを広げることができました。

今週は、AustCham Korea(在韓オーストラリア商工会議所)と協力し、南オーストラリア州政府高官の方とKPMGを迎え、南オーストラリア州の水素産業の可能性と新しくリリースされた水素輸出モデリングツールについて、詳しく説明をするオンラインウェビナーを開催しました。ANZCCJの会頭であると同時に、日本と韓国を代表する南オーストラリア州のコミッショナーでもある私にとって、このイベントをメンバーの皆様にお届けできたことは大変嬉しく、また6月に正式に発足するサステナビリティ委員会へとバトンを繋ぐ良い機会にもなりました。



Sally Townsend


Upcoming Events

The ANZCCJ Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) was established in 2016 with the goal of bringing together the next generation of leaders in the Australia/New Zealand-Japan relationship.

Now, we are excited to announce the launch of a revived program, the Young Generation Program(YGP), with the aim of developing a stronger network of young professionals and students in the ANZCCJ community, and to provide a platform for information sharing, mentoring and professional development. This program will differ from YEP by expanding its reach, welcoming participation from university students, new graduates and young professionals aged up to 40 years old.

As future events and activities will be held in an online or hybrid format, we highly encourage participation from those based overseas too.

Join us online on Monday 31 May to hear our plans for this program, contribute your thoughts and ideas on what this program could offer, and network with other young Australian, New Zealand and Japanese students and professionals.


Date: Monday 31 May, 2021

Time: 6:00PM - 7:00PM JST

Location: Zoom (online)

Price: Free

Registration: Open (Members and Non-Members welcome)

Please click here for details and registration.


The TIER Committee will host a panel discussion on recent developments in education and EdTech, around the theme: Technology’s Role in the Future of International Education”.

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on the International Education sector, with strict border closures, strong quarantine restrictions and the risk factors involved in international travel largely preventing the intake of new students for traditional education in both high school, tertiary and corporate settings.

At the same time, the unprecedented pace of change brought about by the pandemic has seen great strides taking place in online education and EdTech opportunities, for students and providers alike. Furthermore, the proximity between Japan, Australia and New Zealand and the lack of a significant time difference between the three countries provides a unique opportunity to embrace new technological formats to bridge the international divide.

Through this event, we will hear from leading professionals in the elementary, high school and corporate education spaces on how technology is facilitating these new opportunities for international education between Australian, New Zealand and Japan.


Date: 3 June, 2021

Time: 12.00PM - 1.30PM JST

Location: Zoom (Online)

Price: Free (ANZCCJ Members)


Peter Gibson (Executive Advisor Tokyo 2020 - Australian Olympic Committee)

  Connect | Tomodachi Program & legacy plans

Misa Kitaoka (Director of Education, Japan - Education New Zealand)

Haruko Tanaka (Senior Supervisor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education)

Hiroyuki Osada (Supervisor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education)

- Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Tokyo-New Zealand Partnership

Rose Hashinaga (Operations Director, CI&T)

 Corporate Ed Tech & How it is Being Used to Support Internal Training

Please see here for event details and registration. 


Would you like to hear some tips for starting business in Tokyo by an entrepreneur who has succeeded in starting a company? Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center, which we call TOSBEC, has been supporting many foreign entrepreneurs every year. This time, with the collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ), we will invite a speaker who recently established a company in Tokyo utilizing TOSBEC. The presentation will cover tips and personal experiences regarding starting a business as a foreigner in Tokyo.


Date: Mon 28 June, 2021

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Location: Zoom (online)


Jim Giguere - Granite Organics Co., Ltd. Representative Director Native of the USA, after graduating university in 2008, came to Japan for the first time as an English teacher. After spending 2 years, returned to the US to attend graduate study. In 2014, he entered Japanese university as a Doctorate candidate. After joining an instructing and consulting firm in Tokyo, he established Granite Organics Co., Ltd. in November 2020.

Please click here for details and registration.


Other News

New Zealand Embassy Report: Japan Q1 Economic Update 

A new economic report on Japan, prepared by the New Zealand Embassy Tokyo, has been published for members' viewing. 

It includes details on goods and services exports to Japan, which were NZ$741 million down , 13% year-on-year. in Q1 2021. The metal and metal products industry sector increased (+7% to $141 million) while the dairy (-18% to $172 million) and horticulture (-11% to $124 million) industry sectors decreased. 

The report identified Japan’s vaccine rollout strategy in Q1 as having been moving slowly compared to other G7 economies. A total of 4.4. million people have received at least one dose. The general population may be eligible to begin applying for vaccination coupons from mid-summer onwards.  

The latest economic indicators in Japan reveal a contraction in the Q1 GDP by an annualised real 5.1% from the previous quarter, a fall in private consumption by 1.4% from the previous quarter and an increase in goods and services imports by an annualised 16.8%. 

Please see here for the full update. 


NZTE Virtual Trade Mission to Japan

ANZCCJ Platinum Sponsor New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) recently announced its first trade mission since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its destination: Japan. Several New Zealand business leaders gathered in Wellington yesterday for a briefing on what will be the NZ Government's first ‘virtual’ trade mission.

Benny Goodman from NZTE writes: while the mission “won't include in-person events, we have planned tailored sessions to give New Zealand businesses the opportunity to host their Japanese partners and deepen business relationships.”

Japan is a premium market for NZ exporters, with food and beverage making up around 60% of exports. Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, many NZ export goods such as Manuka Honey, kiwifruit, and dairy have seen excellent gains in 2020.

Continued effort for NZ-Japan economic and cultural cooperation could not come at a better time, as we look forward to celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations next year. 

Click here to read more.


South Australia: Hydrogen Export Opportunities

On Tuesday 25 May, ANZCCJ hosted an online event in partnership with AustCham Korea, exploring export opportunities for South Australian hydrogen. South Australia is leading Australia in the shift to clean renewable energy, where up to 70% of SA’s energy is supported by renewables – with the aim of 100% renewable energy by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. Since 2016, SA has undergone the development of green hydrogen production infrastructure and are committed to further expanding the sector. Key individuals from the public and private sector involved in the development of SA’s green hydrogen project spoke about the opportunities available in this growing sector.

Richard Day representing SA’s Department for Energy and Mining introduced an overview of South Australia’s Hydrogen Roadmap and Hydrogen Action Plan, noting that SA is attractive particularly to Korean and Japanese investors in the hydrogen sector due to the state’s significantly higher amounts of wind and solar resources. He gave an in-depth explanation on the structure and operations of electricity production in South Australia, highlighting how SA’s climate and geographical features are ideal for green hydrogen production at a low cost.

Matt Pearce (KPMG Australia - National leader of Power & utility sector) alongside Katy Lutley and Jon Benton walked us through the Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool, showing participants how the tool allows investors from all areas of the energy sector to access information on potential sites, port facilities and other infrastructure in order to simulate export pricing, routes and potential methods of exporting hydrogen.  

Hydrogen and Fuels expert Edit Mucsi reiterated South Australia’s commitment to developing its hydrogen production and opportunities for investment and collaboration, showcasing the state’s capability to produce green hydrogen at rates competitive with the lowest global estimates because of at-scale world-class clean energy resources proximate to suitable port locations. Other features which make South Australia attractive for Asian investors is its world-class AI & hi-tech capabilities, low-cost competitive business environment, thriving modern manufacturing ecosystem, and SA's global connections to name a few.

Please visit our Event Gallery for the full event recording.


Intern Profile

Tayla Peacock (Monash University)

Tayla Peacock is in her penultimate year of studies at Monash University, undergoing a double degree in the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Arts. She is specialising in International Relations and Banking and Finance and with a minor in Japanese.

Tayla became interested in foreign affairs following her exchange to Japan in 2016 at the height of the United States presidential election. Here, she enjoyed learning from a Japanese perspective the importance of maintaining cultural, diplomatic, and economic ties within the Asia-Pacific region. This inspired her to pursue a career promoting the economic and diplomatic relationship between Australia, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region at large. She plans to conduct her post-graduate studies in Japan pertaining to these areas of interest.

In addition to her studies, Tayla is currently heavily involved in an academic club at her university, where in her role as Professional Director she hosts professional, charity and networking events. An example of her work is the Arts Careers Book 2020, a project she facilitated during the COVID-19 pandemic to inspire arts students and help them improve their professional skills. Tayla also works part-time in the accounting and taxation industry.

Tayla embarked on her marketing internship with the ANZCCJ in March to gain practical experience in a non-profit organisation and help develop greater business engagement between Australia/New Zealand/Japan.

Here are her remarks at the completion of her internship:

“Interning with the ANZCCJ has been an incredibly rewarding and insightful experience! In the midst of a global pandemic, I learned the importance of providing members with valuable information on changing market conditions and industry trends. I’d like to thank the Executive Director, Emily Hallams, and Operations Manager, Akihiro Ito, for mentoring me during my time here and inspiring me.”

Connect with Tayla on LinkedIn.


Connect with the ANZCCJ Executive Council

The ANZCCJ Executive Council is an elected group of representatives that oversees the Chamber’s governance, determines its policies and priorities, and furthers our core mission.

Consisting of Corporate and Individual members as well as ex-officio representatives from the Australian and New Zealand Embassies, Austrade and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, our Executive Council also serves to be a great source of expertise and industry knowledge for our members.

Find out more about our Executive Council here, and reach out to the ANZCCJ Secretariat at if you wish to connect.


Welcome to our New Members

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