November 2021  



Message from the Chair

Dear members and friends,

Welcome to the November edition of our Monthly Newsletter.

I would like  to begin my monthly message by thanking the New Zealand Embassy and Ambassador Hamish Cooper for hosting our Annual General Meeting this week. The AGM is always a great opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and consider how we wish to move forward, along with the election of new Executive Council members. This year, in addition to the four existing EC members re-elected, we were delighted to welcome three new faces, Masatoshi Kitajima, Fumiko Watanabe, and Don Roxburgh to the team. Catherine O’Connell will continue as Co-Vice Chair for another two-year term, and she'll be joined by Tim Barnstable, Chair of the Food, Agriculture & Hospitality Committee, and our Treasurer for the past two years. Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Masatoshi Kitajima will take over the management of our finances as Treasurer. I must also say thank you to retiring members Martin Spann, Nobi Yamaji, Tracy Whiriskey, and Neville Falkner for their many years of dedicated service to the Executive Council and the Chamber as a whole. 

The full Annual General Report is available for members to read here.

Earlier this month ANZCCJ was fortunate to engage with the wider expat community in the second annual EXPAT EXPO Tokyo, where we handed the stage to several of our SME members to share their skills and promote their services. Promoting the Chamber in this format was a new experience for us, but it proved to be a valuable opportunity to expand our visibility, and the visibility of our members, while making a number of interesting new connections with other internationally minded businesses. Thank you to all our members to took part and those stopped by to say hello.

Also this month, we enjoyed hosting two events for our Young Generation Program. In an online event moderated by two of our former interns, our three Co-Vice Chairs shared their unique career journeys and advice for future professionals, inspiring an audience of close to 30 university students and new graduates. Later in November, we hosted an in-person networking evening for early career professionals in Asakusa, and were struck by the number of young people involved in so many different industries yet all connected by their desire to engage with Australia/New Zealand-Japan business. 

Outside of the Chamber, the news has been dominated by changes to border restrictions and relaxed COVID-19 measures, which bodes well for increased mobility and economic activity in 2022. However, with many of our members working around various quarantine requirements to travel for business and/or private purposes we understand that the situation is still far from ideal, and again encourage you to contact us should you wish to share your thoughts on areas where we can be advocating for changes on your behalf.

As we come to the end of the year, and COVID-19 cases remain low (touch wood), we are delighted to welcome members to join us for a face-to-face Bonenkai for the first time since 2019. Please keep reading for more information, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


今週、ANZCCJAGM(年次総会)を開催しました。ご協力いただきましたニュージーランド大使館とヘイミッシュ・クーパー大使に感謝の意を表したいと思います。AGMは、これまでの1年を振り返り、新しい役員メンバーの選挙とともに今後どのように、より良いコミュニティにするかを考える絶好の機会です。今年は、再選された既存の役員メンバー4名に加え、北島正敏、渡辺扶美子、ドン・ロックスバラの3名を新たに迎えました。また、キャサリン・オコーネルが引き続き共同副会頭として2年間の任期を務め、Food, Agriculture & Hospitality委員長とこの2年間、財務担当を務めてきたのティム・バーンズテーブルが加わり、共同副会頭であった山地昇とマーティン・スパンは退任することとなりました。また、コモンウェルス銀行の北島正敏氏が、ANZCCJの財務担当として財務管理を引き継ぐこととなりました。


今月初め、ANZCCJは第2EXPAT EXPO TOKYOに参加し、日本国内に暮らす外国人在住者の方々と交流する機会がありました。このような形で商工会議所をアピールすることは、私たちにとっては初めての経験でしたが、商工会議所とメンバーの方々の知名度を高める貴重な場となり、国際的な視野を持ついろいろな企業と多くの興味深いつながりを築くことができました。参加されたメンバーの皆様、また私たちのブースにお立ち寄りいただいた皆様、ありがとうございました。

また、今月は、「Young Generation Program」のイベントを2つ開催しました。元ANZCCJインターンの2人が司会を務めたオンラインイベントでは、3人の共同副会頭がそれぞれのキャリアの歩みと将来のプロフェッショナルのたまごである若者にアドバイスを共有し、30人近くの大学生や新卒者の参加者たちは刺激を受けていました。11月下旬には、浅草でアーリーキャリアの方々を対象とした、対面の交流イベントを開催し、様々な業界で活躍する若者たちが、オーストラリアやニュージーランドと日本のビジネスに関わりたいという思いでつながっていることを実感しました。



Sally Townsend


Upcoming Events

Japanese Immigration processes are on the one hand very straightforward and simple. But on the other hand can be seen as very inflexible and frustrating. They are also seen as a contributing cause to the current labor shortage that many industries are seeing in Japan. And now with COVID and the closed borders, this labor shortage threatens Japan’s future economic stability. When will Japan open its borders to the rest of the world?

Date: Tue 30 November, 2021

Time: 18:00 – 19:00 (JST)

Location: Zoom (Online Meeting)



  • Basics of Japanese Immigration
  • What is a COE
  • Types of Visas available (and not available?)
  • Timeline for getting into the country
  • COVID updates
  • Other factors influencing labor shortages in Japan – What is needed for Change?
  • Open Discussion  (Would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this and what issues they are having with sourcing the right talent and where they are looking)

Please click here for details and registration.


ANZCCJ welcomes members and friends to join an intimate end-of-year celebration ('bonenkai') at Hilton Tokyo on Thursday 9 December. The evening will include light refreshments and free flowing drinks, so please join us in celebrating the end of 2021 and raising a glass to a fresh start in 2022.

Date: Thurs 9 December, 2021

Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Venue: 37F Executive Lounge, Hilton Tokyo (map)

Price: Members ¥6,500 | Non-Members ¥8,000

Registration: By Friday 3 December


Please click here for details and registration.


Date: Thurs 9 December, 2021

Time: 12:30PM - 1:30PM JST

Location: Online

Price: Free (members only)

After many months of fanfare, COP26 concluded on November 13 2021 with the nearly 200 Parties agreeing on the Glasgow Climate Pact. But what does this agreement actually entail and how will its contents impact business? Does the GCP meet, exceed or – if Greta Thunberg is to be believed – fall short of expectations? Now that its “wheels up” for COP26 delegates, what will the actual market response be (if any)? How will countries turn these promises into action, and what will be the role of the private sector in achieving these targets?

During our lunchtime session on Thursday 9 December, BCCJ Executive Committee Responsible Business taskforce leader Tove Kinooka will sit down with industry leaders to review the key outcomes of COP26, and share takeaways from the private and public sectors.


  • Sue Kinoshita - Minister Councellor for Economic Diplomacy, British Embassy Tokyo
  • Alistair Dormer - Representative Executive Officer, Hitachi, Ltd
  • Jenifer Rogers - General Council Asia, Asurion
  • Aragon St. Charles - Global Head of Sustainability, Hogan Lovells

ModeratorTove Kinooka - Co-Founder Global Perspectives K.K./BCCJ Responsible Business Taskforce 

Please click here for details and registration.


Other News

The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday evening at the New Zealand Embassy Tokyo and via Zoom. Members voted for seven Executive Council (EC) members for the 2021-2023 two year term. 

Congratulations to the successful candidates (in alphabetical order of company)

  • Fumiko Watanabe (Brainmaid, Individual Member)
  • Catherine O'Connell (Catherine O'Connell Law, NZ Corporate Member)
  • Masatoshi Kitajima (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, AU Corporate Member)
  • Andrew Gauci (Lendlease Japan, AU Corporate Member)
  • Kanna Mihara (Macquarie Group, AU Corporate Member)
  • Jennifer Sakaguchi (Rio Tinto, AU Corporate Member)
  • Donald Roxburgh (Wholesum Japan Co, Individual Member)

The EC members will be joined by the below members who are continuing on the EC for 2022 as a part of their two-year term.

  • Sally Townsend
  • Tim Barnstable
  • Gerard Adams
  • Ian Scott
  • Matthew Walker

Following on from the AGM, the 12 EC members and 4 ex-officio members from the Australian and New Zealand Embassies met on Thursday morning to confirm the appointment of the Office Bearer positions. We are happy to announce that Catherine O'Connell was re-elected for another two-year term as Co-Vice Chair, former Treasurer Tim Barnstable was elected for a two-year term as Co-Vice Chair, and Masatoshi Kitajima was elected as Treasurer for a one-year term. Our Chair, Sally Townsend will be continuing the second year of her two-year term for 2022. This fulfils the requirements of the ANZCCJ Constitution and Bylaws on the make-up of our EC and Office Bearers.

Thank you to all who participated in the AGM online and in person, in particular those candidates who ran for election. We also wish to thank our outgoing EC members Nobi Yamaji, Martin Spann, Neville Falkner, and Tracy Whiriskey for their dedication and strong contribution to the Council over many years. The ANZCCJ's strength comes from the continued and active participation of its members and the strategic leadership of its EC.

Please click here for a copy of ANZCCJ's AGM 2020/21 Report.


Reimagining the Japan Relationship

The Australian National University (ANU) has just released their latest Australia-Japan Research Centre report on “Reimagining the Japan Relationship”. According to the report, the Japan-Australia relationship must be reimagined if it is to deliver its full potential and cope with accelerating economic, environmental, and social changes in both countries and a dramatically changing geopolitical environment.

There are two pillars in which Australia can engage with Japan. The first pillar envisions Australia and Japan working with others in the region to define and commit to a common goal of comprehensive security. This pillar not only integrates national security, but also economic and environmental sustainability objectives, as Japan turns to the decarbonisation of its economy. Some key recommendations to fulfil the first pillar include supporting Australia in working with Japan to increase strategic corporation and lead efforts to strengthen bilateral economic engagement. The launch of an Australia-Japan Energy Initiative to bring together governments, industry experts and stakeholders to participate in dialogue and discussion to help reduce risk and navigate difficulties is also recommended.

The second pillar focuses on the impacts of the energy and demographic transitions underway in both Japan and Australia. These transitions include fundamental changes in both countries as Japan and Australia move to decarbonise their economies and as Japan manages a shrinking and aging population. Some key recommendations in support of this pillar include initiating a reciprocal health agreement, in addition to prioritising collaboration in mental health, dementia and ageing research.

Further, significant improvements in Australia’s understanding of Japan is needed, ideally as a part of a nationwide rehabilitation of the ‘Asia literacy’ agenda. These improvements go beyond increasing uptake of Japanese language and Japanese studies. Some key recommendations to increase Asia literacy in Australia are to create scholarships to support top Japanese postgraduate students’ study in Australia, and increasing funding for cultural exchange in the fields of art, culture and sport.

Please click here to read the full report.  


Updated New Zealand and Australian border restrictions

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins outlined a staged reopening of New Zealand’s international borders, through which fully vaccinated New Zealanders in Australia will be able to travel to New Zealand without a two-week quarantine period from January 16. Following this, from February 13, fully vaccinated New Zealanders and other eligible travellers from all other countries could start travelling to New Zealand without quarantine. However, these travellers would be subject to mandatory a 7-day self-isolation period. Additionally, all travellers will be required to provide a negative pre-departure test, proof of vaccination and a declaration that they had not been in a very high-risk country in the past 14 days.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that from December, eligible visa holders from Japan and South Korea would be able to come to Australia without needed to apply for a travel exemption. In addition, students and skilled workers from other countries, alongside those on refugee and working holiday visas, are also among those eligible.

ANZCCJ will do our best to keep members informed of future changes to international travel restrictions.


Japanese government agrees to fund green hydrogen export project from South Australia

Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has selected Marubeni Corporation’s hydrogen production project in South Australia to receive funding as a part of a program that looks to promote cooperation with developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project was showcased during COP26. Marubeni aims to procure green hydrogen derived from renewable energy in South Australia, and is working closely with the South Australian government on project development. Minister for Trade and Investment Stephen Patterson said he was delighted that South Australia and Japan are again working in collaboration “to create a more sustainable future for their regions”.

Please click here to read more.


ANZCCJ Member Promotions

Exclusive ANZCCJ Member Offer: ‘Zealander by Terra’ Dinner Voucher For 2

Savour the best of 100% Pure New Zealand food and wine at Terra’s contemporary New Zealand restaurant, Zealander, conveniently located in Tokyo’s Shin-Marunouchi Building. New Zealand’s rich culinary heritage is honoured at Zealander, ranging from succulent roast lamb to superb seafood such as oysters, mussels and salmon, matched with top-quality New Zealand wines. Terra is pleased to offer ANZCCJ members an exclusive offer, comprising a free seasonal dinner dish (valued at 3,500 JPY/person) for one group of two people. At least one applicant must be from an ANZCCJ member organisation or corporation. Please apply via the link below to receive your offer voucher.

Applications close December 15 for dinner bookings in January 2022. Beverages are excluded.

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The ANZCCJ Promotions Page lists a range of special offers, exclusive to members and newsletter subscribers. If your business would like to share a special promotion with your fellow Chamber members, please contact the ANZCCJ Secretariat at


Welcome to our New Members

- Corporate Bronze Members -

Altum International

- Individual Members -

Joseph Escobar (IL MORO Inc.)

Olivia Kent (Japan-America Society of Washington DC) 

Scott Mavridis (Turner & Townsend)


Connect with the ANZCCJ Executive Council

The ANZCCJ Executive Council is an elected group of representatives that oversees the Chamber’s governance, determines its policies and priorities, and furthers our core mission.

Consisting of Corporate and Individual members as well as ex-officio representatives from the Australian and New Zealand Embassies, Austrade and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, our Executive Council also serves to be a great source of expertise and industry knowledge for our members.

Find out more about our Executive Council here, and reach out to the ANZCCJ Secretariat at if you wish to connect with our representatives individually. 






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