October 2021  



Message from the Chair

Dear members and friends,

Welcome to the October edition of our Newsletter.

This month began with the 58th Annual Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference, ‘Collective Efforts in Turbulent Times’. With attendees gathering between Adelaide, Tokyo and online for the first time, the Conference focused on “The Three Cs” that have impacted our business communities over the past 18months – Covid-19, China, and Carbon Neutrality – and how the Australia-Japan partnership can emerge better and stronger. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with business leaders across our two countries and reaffirm our commitment to this important bilateral relationship. Congratulations to AJBCC President Sir Rod Eddington AO, JABCC Chairman Akio Mimura AC, and all involved in the coordination of this impressive joint effort under difficult circumstances. 

With Covid-19 restrictions relaxing on a large scale over the past few weeks, it has been a great pleasure to finally see many of our friends and families in person for the first time in several months. The Food, Agriculture & Hospitality Committee came together last night to network and socialise over some delicious Australian beef and wine, hosted at Meat & Livestock Australia’s fantastic AUSSIE BEEF CLUBHOUSE in Toyosu. This temporary event space has seen over 80,000 visitors during its four-month run this summer, bringing our Aussie barbecue culture to an iconic Tokyo location. Thank you to all the members who joined this event – stay tuned for more face-to-face opportunities as we close out 2021.

Our members also contributed to some excellent online events this month, kicking off with an online gin tasting courtesy of Eat-Lab and KIS Gin, as well as two webinars from our Sustainability and Sports for Business Committees, featuring member Gavin Dixon of Global Perspectives, and the CEOs of Paralympics Australia and Paralympics New Zealand. This week, Dr. Miori Tomisaka also spoke to our SME Networking Committee on the topic of Women’s Health in Japan, emphasising the importance of prioritising our own health and seeking regular testing.  

With November upon us, we are fast approaching our Annual General Meeting and Executive Council Election. Nominations for the 2021-2023 Executive Council will be open until November 16, after which the absentee voting period will begin. Although this year’s AGM will be kept to a small scale yet again, please make your voice heard by submitting your votes, and tuning in online for our presentations on the night.

Wishing you all a great month ahead.



ここ数週間、新型コロナの規制が大幅に緩和されたことで、多くのメンバーが友人や家族と数ヶ月ぶりに直接会うことができるようになり、大変嬉しく思っています。昨晩、The Food, Agriculture & Hospitality Committee (FAHC委員会)は、豊洲にあるMLA豪州食肉家畜生産者事業団の素敵な「AUSSIE BEEF CLUBHOUSE」で、美味しいオーストラリア産ビーフとワインを楽しみながら、ネットワークを広げ、メンバー同士交流を深めました。この夏、4ヶ月間にわたって開催されたこの仮設イベントスペースには、合計8万人以上の来場者が訪れ、オーストラリアのバーベキュー文化を東京に広めてくれました。イベントに参加されたメンバーの皆様、ありがとうございました。

今月は、Eat-LabKIS Ginが提供するオンライン・ジン・テイスティングを始めにに、いくつかの優れたオンライン・イベントにメンバーが貢献しました。また、サステナビリティ委員会とスポーツ・フォー・ビジネス委員会による2つのウェビナーでは、メンバーであるGlobal Perspectives社のギャビン・ディクソン氏と、オーストラリア・パラリンピック委員会とニュージーランド・パラリンピック委員会のCEOらに貴重なお話をいただきました。最後に、今週のSME Networking Communityでは、富坂美織先生が「日本の女性の健康」をテーマに講演され、自身の健康を優先することの大切さや、定期検診を受けることの重要性を強調されました。



Sally Townsend


Upcoming Events

Date: Thurs 11 November, 2021

Time: 17:30 – 19:00 (JST)

Target: Students and Young Professionals

Location: Zoom (Online Meeting)


ANZCCJ is fortunate to count among our members a great number of inspiring business leaders in the Australia/New Zealand-Japan space, from a diverse range of career backgrounds. This online event will feature our three ANZCCJ Co-Vice Chairs as they discuss their own career paths and how they reached where they are today, as well as provide advice for current students and recent graduates. Join us on Zoom to meet and network with these leaders and other like-minded members of the Young Generation Program.


  • Catherine O’Connell - ANZCCJ Co-Vice Chair, Founder - Catherine O’Connell Law
  • Martin Spann - ANZCCJ Co-Vice Chair, Japan Country Manager - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Nobi Yamaji - ANZCCJ Co-Vice Chair, Commissioner for International Cooperation - Personal Information Protection Commission

Click here for details and registration.


The Dream Collective ラウンドテーブル開催

日時1111日(木)9:00am~10:00am (JST)

テーマ:『多様な人材獲得のための組織ブランディング〜Employer Branding〜』

弊社The Dream Collectiveはジェンダーにおけるダイバーシティ、エクイティ&インクルージョン(DEI)戦略をグローバルにリードするコンサルティングファームとして、様々な業界のお客様と一緒に10年近くDEI戦略を展開してきました。その経験から得られた教訓・インサイトを多くのビジネスリーダーの方々にお伝えすること、そしてネットワーキングの場を創生する事に重点を置いています。





担当:古瀬 (maiko@thedreamcollective.com.au)



EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021, a fair for international residents in Japan, will be held on November 5th and 6th at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho-Kan.

The EXPO will feature over 150 exhibitors offering services and information, from fields of travel education, healthcare, real estate, and relocation. 

EXPAT EXPO TOKYO is a family-friendly event with workshops and live performances throughout the day. Also, there is a dedicated kids’ area with childcare professionals, so that families with small children can also enjoy the event.

See the website for details and registration.


The 47th Annual Japan New Zealand Joint Business Conference 


The 47th Annual Japan New Zealand Joint Business Conference will be held in a hybrid format on Tuesday 16 November. Those who wish to join the Conference in person in Tokyo can register through the details below.

Date: Tues 16 November, 10:00am - 2:30pm (lunch included)

Venue: Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Price: ¥30,000

Registration deadline: Thurs 4 November, 12pm


Content: New Zealand & Japan: Overcoming COVID–Sustainable Societies

10:00-10:20 Opening Ceremony

10:20-11:15  First Plenary Session“Business Environment Post COVID”

11:20-12:15  Second Plenary Session“Safe, Healthy, Sustainable Societies”

12:20-13:15  Third Plenary Session“Innovation & Technology”

13:15-13:25 Closing Session     

13:30-14:30 Lunch


Please click here to register.







10:00-10:20 開会 



10:20-11:15  1回全体会議:「ポストコロナの両国ビジネス環境」

11:20-12:15  2回全体会議:「安全、健康、持続可能な社会」

12:20-13:15  3回全体会議: 「イノベーションとテクノロジー」

13:15-13:25  閉会 


13:30-14:30 昼食




Other News

The CEO's Webinar

Paralympics Australia & Paralympics New Zealand: Reflecting on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games 

On Wednesday 20 October, the ANZCCJ Sports for Business Committee hosted an online webinar to reflect on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games held in Tokyo earlier this year. After a one-year postponement and two weeks of incredible competition in Tokyo, Peter Gibson (Executive Advisor Tokyo 2020 - Australian Olympic Committee) and Ian Scott, Co-Chair of the ANZCCJ Sports for Business Committee, sat down with Lynne Anderson (CEO of Paralympics Australia) and Fiona Allan (CEO of Paralympics New Zealand) to share some insights into the games, as well as some highlights and challenges encountered by the Paralympic teams amidst unprecedented times.

Please click here to read the full event summary.



Navigating Disruption: The future of agile business success

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Telstra has released a report outlining their research into how businesses have adjusted their operations. The report shares the results of interviews with 512 ICT and business decision makers across mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, which surveyed the digital needs and challenges that were experienced by businesses over the course of 2020, as well as any future shifts in strategy.

96% of businesses surveyed agreed that transitioning to remote work changed their business fundamentally, with 67% of businesses reporting that hybrid work will continue to be the norm over the next year. In addition to this, 7 in 10 businesses in North Asia have seen an increase in digital transformation project investments due to the pandemic.

The transition to remote and hybrid working models has also presented its own challenges to businesses, with cyber security, connectivity, infrastructure issues and the provisioning of technical support being listed as some of the top issues being faced. In order to address cyber security challenges, 58% of North Asian businesses are considering cybersecurity cloud solutions to support their employees over the next 12-18 months, while 78% of businesses are introducing immediate measures to protect against security threats, citing it as a top priority.

Paul Abfalter, Head of North Asia and Global Wholesale at Telstra, said that “Businesses have risen to the challenge of adapting to the reality of remote working by rapidly putting policies in place which let employees easily stay connected and work from home. However there is still work to do, as businesses need a holistic digital transformation plan which brings together connectivity, cloud, collaboration and security.

See here to view the full report.



AJBCC Announces New President, Peter Grey

and Vice-President, Debra Hazelton 

The Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee has announced the election of its new President Peter Grey, following the retirement of Sir Rod Eddington. AMP Chair Debra Hazelton was also announced as Vice-Chair, joining the incumbent Bob Seidler AO and Ian Williams. 

Mr. Grey has a had long relationship with Japan, having served as Australian Ambassador from 1998 to 2001, and was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun with gold and silver stars by the Government of Japan in 2017. He has spent over 40 years in the Federal Government in various roles including as the CEO of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) (2010 – 2012), Deputy Secretary of DFAT (1994 – 2010).

Prior to joining AMP, Debra Hazelton has worked as the local Chief Executive of Mizuho Bank in Australia and Commonwealth Bank (CBA) in Japan, and in a global senior executive role for Mizuho Financial Group based in Tokyo.

Retiring President Sir Rod Eddington AO, welcoming Grey’s appointment, said “I can think of no better person than Peter Grey to be taking on this important position at a time when the Australia-Japan relationship is assuming ever-greater importance for both countries. His distinguished record as a leader in both the private and public sectors and his long association with Japan make him ideally suited to take the AJBCC into its next phase.”

Welcoming the election of Ms Hazelton to the Board, Peter Grey said “I am delighted that one of Australia’s most capable and respected business leaders has committed to strengthen her engagement with the AJBCC. With her strong background in the Financial sector, her Japanese language and cultural skills, and her energy and commitment to building diversity and inclusivity, Debra brings to the table a unique mix of skills and attributes, at a time when the importance of business relations with Japan has never been greater.”

Please see here for more.


COP26 Explained

COP26, or the 26th Conference of the Parties, is a United Nations climate summit to be hosted in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12. It is a chance for world governments to take drastic action to reduce the impacts of climate change and prevent further warming, with hopes to reduce emissions, restore the environment, and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. If this goal is not met, and global warming reaches 2 degrees, one third of the world’s population would be exposed to severe heat, all warm water coral reefs would be destroyed, and arctic sea ice would melt entirely, causing a significant rise in sea levels. More than 190 world leaders are expected to attend, as well as climate experts, UN representatives, business owners and members of the public. 

There are four main objectives of the upcoming conference:

  • The first is to secure global net zero emissions by 2050 and limit warming to 1.5 degrees. Countries are being asked to accelerate the phasing out of coal, encourage the use of electric vehicles and investment in renewables, as well as restrict deforestation in order to meet targets. 
  • The next objective is to adapt to protect communities and natural habitats. The conference aims to enable and encourage countries to protect and restore ecosystems, as well as develop warning systems, defences, and more resilient infrastructure and agriculture in order to prevent the loss of homes, livelihoods and lives. 
  • The third objective regards mobilising finance. In order to be able to fund the first two objectives, developed countries, assisted by international financial institutions, must deliver on their promises to raise $100 billion in climate finance per year.
  • The final objective is to work together to deliver. Countries must work in greater collaboration with other governments, businesses and civil society in order to deliver on their climate goals.

See here for more information.


Fumio Kishida and the LDP expected to retain power in October 31 election

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)-Komeito coalition is expected to retain their majority in the election on Sunday, based on a Kyodo News opinion survey conducted on Tuesday. After less than a fortnight of campaigning, the LDP is expected to win at least 200 of the 289 single-member districts, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida saying he would deem the election a success for his party if they won 233 of the seats. Kishida announced that, if successful on Sunday, there would be little to no changes to his current cabinet. He also said he would introduce mandates regarding his COVID-19 and economic recovery policies, as well as begin working on bolstering Japan’s health system and increasing defense to protect Japan against regional security threats. As it stands currently, the Constitutional Democratic Party-Japanese Communist Party coalition, the main opposition to the ruling coalition, is anticipated to win at least 50 single-member districts.

See here for more information.


Intern Profile

Ella Ryan

Australian National University, Bachelor of International Business

Ella Ryan is currently finishing her penultimate year studying a Bachelor of International Business majoring in Japanese at the Australian National University. Her main research interests lie within trade, international relations, tourism and the Australia-Japan relationship. 

Ella grew up in Sydney, Australia, before moving to Canberra at the start of 2020 to complete her Bachelor’s degree. After taking an interest in Japanese culture from a young age, she began studying Japanese in 2013, continuing it all the way through high school and into university. Her first trip to Japan was through a sister-city exchange program with Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2015, and since then she has been back to Japan multiple times, including in 2019 when she spent time as an intern with an organisation in Sendai that focused on the ongoing recovery of the Tohoku region after the 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. 

She hopes to be able to return to Japan again next year once travel restrictions are lifted, and, after graduation, is committed to undertaking a career dedicated to the further strengthening of Australia-Japan relations.

Ella embarked on her internship with the ANZCCJ in August in order to learn more about the trilateral relationship between Australia, New Zealand and Japan, as well as gain valuable experience in seeing how businesses from these countries interact with and learn from each other. 

Here are her remarks at the completion of her internship: 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the chamber, its members and its day-to-day operations. Being able to learn more about the Australia-Japan relationship, as well as different career paths and industries through the ANZCCJ’s events has been inspiring and given me a lot to think about with regards to my own career. A big thank you to Emily, Aki and the Executive Council for sharing their support, guidance and insights; I’m looking forward to seeing what the chamber does next and I hope to be able to reconnect with them one day in the future”

Connect with Ella through Linkedin


The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s 2021 Annual General Meeting and Executive Council Election will be held on Wednesday 24 November, 2021 at the New Zealand Embassy, Tokyo (venue subject to change).

Six positions are available for the 2021-2023 Executive Council, with nominations accepted between now and Tuesday 16 November. 

Who can become a member of the Executive Council?

All current members of the ANZCCJ are eligible for nomination to the Executive Council. According to the ANZCCJ Constitution, the Executive Council must consist of:

  • at least seven (7) Councillors from companies holding Corporate Membership
  • at least two (2) members of Australian companies holding Corporate Membership
  • at least one (1) member of a New Zealand company holding Corporate Membership
  • at least two (2) members holding Individual Membership

The Executive Council will require at least one member holding Individual Membership and one New Zealand member holding Corporate Membership for the 2021-2023 Executive Council Election.

Please click here for more information or to download your nomination form.


Welcome to our New Members


- Corporate Bronze Members -


- Individual Members -


Luke Bridgford (Overland Campers Japan)

Jan Tijink (Hibot Robotics)


Connect with the ANZCCJ Executive Council

The ANZCCJ Executive Council is an elected group of representatives that oversees the Chamber’s governance, determines its policies and priorities, and furthers our core mission.

Consisting of Corporate and Individual members as well as ex-officio representatives from the Australian and New Zealand Embassies, Austrade and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, our Executive Council also serves to be a great source of expertise and industry knowledge for our members.

Find out more about our Executive Council here, and reach out to the ANZCCJ Secretariat at exec.director@anzccj.jp if you wish to connect with our representatives individually. 



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