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HORITOMI Commercial & Industrial Co., Ltd

Company: HORITOMI Commercial & Industrial Co., Ltd 

Address: 3-5-23 Hamadera Ishizucho-higashi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka

General Phone Number: +81 (072) 241-3821 

General Email Address: 

Industry:  Import, Export, and Trade, Industrial Processing and  Manufacturing, High barrier Lamination coating film, Permable Lamination coating film, FIBC 


About Us 

HORITOMI is a 4th generation, family owned, Japanese company. We have six branches across Japan, in Kagoshima, Kitakyushu, Osaka, Chiba, Tokyo and Fukushima. Horitomi was founded in 1885 in Sakai city, Osaka and has grown to become a leader in the packaging industry across the country, specializing in trusted rustproof & moisture-proof packaging products and innovative flexible container bags that greatly improve transport and storage efficiency. We are also the exclusive distributor of several overseas manufacturers of automated packing systems catering to the steel, paper, tire and chemical industries and more. Our aim is to provide complete solutions by offering the most innovative and cost-saving packaging materials combined with automated internal logistics processes that help our customers save costs, and improve reliability and safety. 

What we can offer Australian and New Zealand customers 

Horitomi has a long history of exporting packaging products to Australia, beginning with the sale of wool products to the Australian Wool Pack Committee in the 1970s. We currently offer container bags, paper bags and hay sleeves for agricultural producs, food products, milk powder, sand and chemicals, collapsible harvest boxes, insulation film for housing and collapsible mobile water tanks as well as medical grade isolation gowns and more to our overseas customers. Please contact us with any enquiries.