JMEC: Need a Business Plan? Or Want to Upgrade Your Business Skills?

Are you a business owner looking for a business plan tailored to the Japanese market for your market entry or business expansion? If so, take part in the 29th Japan Market Expansion Competition—JMEC 29!

As a JMEC Project Client, you can receive a professional business plan developed by some of Japan’s brightest up-and-coming business leaders for a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants. To learn more about this opportunity, visit the JMEC homepage at—and contact and to discuss and get more details.

Or are you looking to upgrade your business skills? JMEC is also looking for individual applicants to participate in the program and learn how to research and develop a professional business plan. This ‘mini MBA’ style program includes classroom training with experienced executives and successful entrepreneurs as lecturers—as well as hands-on experience in writing a business plan for a real business project, submitted by a real company. Interested applicants can find more information and our online application form here:

ANZCCJ is a proud sponsor of JMEC and encourages our members and the greater business community to get involved with this excellent program!

Join a JMEC 29 Info Session:

The info sessions are free of charge but advance registration is required to attend. For more information and to learn how JMEC can improve your career join one of our online sessions. Details and registration can be found online here: