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Global baseball tournament in 2023!  

In March 2023 the tournament to determine the world’s best baseball team will be held for the fifth time. A record 20 countries and regions will participate in this year’s tournament. The pool matches will be held in four locations, Tokyo, Taichung, Phoenix, and Miami, with the top two teams proceeding to the next round.  In the first round, each group (pool) will play a round-robin tournament, with the top two teams advancing to the quarterfinal round. The Pool B games, in which Japan will participate, and the quarterfinal round against the top two teams from Pool A will be held at Tokyo Dome.

Japan Game Schedule





Gates open




March 9 (Thu)



Australia v Korea 

1 day 



China v Japan 

March 10 (Fri)



Czech Republic v China



Korea v Japan 

March 11 (Sat)



China v Australia



Czech Republic v Japan

March 12 (Sun)



Czech Republic v Korea



Japan v Australia


March 16 (Thu)



Pool A winner v Pool B winner



Official Hospitality program at global baseball tournament in 2023 (Premium Lounge)  

Official Hospitality will be available for the first time for Japanese fans providing an elevated spectator experience with an official game ticket, premium food and drink in an unforgettable atmosphere.  

Tokyo Dome Premium Lounge Map 



Premium Lounge inclusions  

  • Guaranteed official game ticket
  • Direct access to your reserved balcony seats from the Premium Lounge
  • Welcome drinks service and a selection of wine, beer and soft drinks served in the lounge prior to and during the game
  • Premium buffet 
  • Dedicated VIP Official Hospitality priority gates (30, 33) 
  • Host service on the day
  • Official Hospitality lanyard and access pass
  • Commemorative souvenir gift


Make the memorable unforgettable through sports hospitality 

Sports hospitality is a combination of a top category match ticket and authentic food and beverages that guests will remember for years to come.

It also includes the attentive and high quality service provided by our dedicated staff from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure.


Experience a unique hospitality experience at the Premium Lounge 

Enjoy the Premium Lounge while strengthening your business relationships. Face-to-face time with your clients in a more relaxed environment fuels conversations that would not normally occur in a boardroom. An invitation to Official Hospitality at a major sporting event is a different, unique and exciting way of saying thank you to valued clients, high-performing colleagues and business partners.

Pool Round  Package Price (1 Day)
Premium Lounge         198,000 / person (tax inclusive)  

Quarterfinal Round  Package Price
Premium Lounge         220,000 / person (tax inclusive) 

Please note: 

  • Pool round tickets provide a one-day ticket including two matches on each day.
  • Premium Lounge is available only for Japan games.
  • Seats are subject to availability and may not be available for groups.
  • Details are subject to change.


How to secure your spot 

Please respond by email to if you are interested in purchasing with the following details:  

  • Package name  
  • Date 
  • Quantity of packages 

*Please note that your response does not guarantee your order.  We will follow up with details regarding priority purchase upon receipt of your request.  

Whilst we do plan to accept reservations after the 9th December 2022, please note that we may not be able to fulfil your request after this date due to high demand for this event. 

“The Justice of Bunny King”, ‒ Exclusive New Zealand Movie Offer for ANZCCJ Members!

Leading New Zealand restaurant, Zealander is pleased to offer ANZCCJ Members the chance to win a double pass to the award-winning New Zealand movie, “The Justice of Bunny King” (Japanese Title : “Driving Bunny”).

This is a triumph over adversity tale about women fighting their way up from the bottom of New Zealand society.

Australian Academy Award winner Essie Davis stars as Bunny and talented young New Zealander Thomasin Mackenzie, as Bunny’s niece Tonyah.

A mother of two who earns her keep by washing windows at traffic lights, Bunny fights social services to deliver her daughter a promised birthday party, in what the Guardian describes as a “funny, thoughtful parenting drama.”

Terra is delighted to present this engaging drama to ANZCCJ Members, with our Australian restaurant South at Yebisu Garden Place and Zealander at the Shin Marunouchi Building in Tokyo offering the best of contemporary cuisine from Down Under.

ANZCCJ members are invited to request a movie double pass while enjoying lunch or dinner at Zealander, from September 26, 2022. Tickets are limited, so the first to ask are the first to win. Applicants will need to show their ANZCCJ membership status on the Online Directory and provide their business card to confirm their membership of ANZCCJ. Acceptance of this offer also confirms approval to receive further promotions from Zealander.

Movie screenings will commence from September 30 at select cinema movie theatres in Tokyo, including Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho and Cinema Qualite, Shinjuku. Viewer discretion is advised. Terra is not responsible for any audience effects from watching this movie.

Distributor: Albatross Films 

Catherine O’Connell Law is the legal practice of Catherine O’Connell, a Tokyo-based, bi-lingual (English and Japanese) New Zealander who is licensed in New Zealand, the UK, and Japan.

<Registration for this round closes on March 1st, 2022>>

Are you a woman lawyer in Japan or with a Japan-nexus?

Are you craving connection with a network of brilliant like-minded women like you?

The Lawyer Extraordinaire Mastermind Lounge is an inner-circle group where women lawyers like you come together to enrich and empower each other and dramatically leverage each other’s successes to do things that would otherwise be a real challenge.

Find deeper understanding for your work and life dreams, through a combination of specialist guided live virtual workshops, peer discussions and one-on-one coaching with the Mastermind founder, Catherine O’Connell.

  • Come away inspired by talks covering finding your voice, mentoring, self-mastery, confidence & stepping up, leadership, and branding
  • Elevate and expand your circle of authentic and relatable leadership and influence
  • Find that network you always wanted to call upon to ask the questions you can’t ask in your male-dominated environment
  • Fine tune actions that make a difference in your life and impact others
  • Learn about stepping up and out, mentoring leadership and influence, finding your voice
  • Discover how to integrate Ikigai into your life

A Message from the Founder, Catherine O’Connell
Greetings! In 2022 I will have been a lawyer in Japan for 20 years and I always craved a network of women like me who I could share ideas with and find support in my career journey. Over time, I built connections through my own efforts, and I realised that to find this, there was only one way to do it. Create it myself! I could be the one to create a mastermind with the vision I had desired for myself and imagined for the current and next generation of women lawyers in Japan just like you. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to the mastermind soon.

To find out more, visit:

Elsyung Consulting offers bespoke and holistic People Solutions and Development Programmes, delivering meaningful impact to companies. By developing teams to be highly engaged and capable, we help business owners focus their time on growing their business.

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Spend only 20 minutes to revitalize your HR.

Like any other regular health check-up, your HR too needs regular assessment of its well-being to maintain the efficiency and functionality of your entire organization. Through an assessment of current HR functions’ performance to your business goals, it provides an evaluation of your HR practices, policies, processes, and people in place.

As a first step, Elsyung Consulting offers a free Baseline Assessment to check where your organization stands.

If you want a further diagnosis, the Excellence Benchmark or Excellence Benchmark Premium is what your organization needs.

Excellence Benchmark or Excellence Benchmark Premium is a customized assessment tool designed in collaboration with Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) with reference to local and international best practices and standards.

Regardless of the metrics you choose to follow, our robust and holistic frameworks help you understand where you are and where you want to be to realize your organization’s vision.

Specific areas that an Excellence Benchmark Report include the below 10 core HR areas:

• Compliance

• Resources and planning

• Employment relations

• Recruitment

• Employee engagement

• Compensation and benefits

• Employee performance

• Talent management

• Data analytics

• Strategic HR planning

And with Excellence Benchmark Premium, you can also communicate with our designated team on one-to-one basis to develop an actionable roadmap for HR in the future, not only helping you to better understand the assessment results, but it also identify areas that require new systems or support and the subsequent costs and benefits.



Baseline Assessment (Free)

Assess basic HR Capabilities for your organisation

Excellence Benchmark – USD 330

Get accurate metrics with Excellence Benchmark Report across 10 core areas for your organisation.

Excellence Benchmark Premium – USD 550

Get tailor-made Excellence Benchmark Report plus a bonus 1 hour consulting service.

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