Technology, Innovation, Education and Research Committee (TIER)

Values & Beliefs

Be a supporter of Australia, New Zealand and Japan trade relations
Be brave and passionate for something bigger than ourselves by exploring new and different ways of doing things
Be for members of the ANZCCJ through external engagements 


We aim to promote accurate understanding of the current status of Technology, Innovation, Education and Research in Australia, New Zealand and Japan for better collaborative opportunities.


We will create, identify and connect, environment and support networks, enabling members to take actions to modernise perceptions of TIER for Australia and NZ in Japan and for Japan in Australia and NZ, through appropriately enhanced communication and engagement.

The committee meets on a regular basis and welcomes new members.
TIER Chair: Kohei Tamura, Rio Tinto
TIER Vice-Chair: Tim Tout, HummingByrd Inc. and Yoshihiro Imamura, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise




私たちは、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、そして日本の ”テクノロジー・イノベーション・教育・研究TIER”の動向を正確に理解し、より良いコラボレーションの機会を提供することを目指しています。




TIER委員長: 田村 浩平(リオ・ティント)
TIER 副委員長:  ティム・タウト(ハミングバード) /  今村 吉文(ニュージーランド貿易経済促進庁)

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