The ANZCCJ Young Generation Program aims to bring together and foster new connections among the next generation of leaders in the Australia, New Zealand and Japan business community, to share information, career advice, networking and professional development. It offers excellent opportunities to meet like-minded young people while hearing from inspiring professionals who have excelled in their careers. The program was established in May 2021, as an updated version of the former Youth Empowerment Program.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent travel between our three countries, we hope this program allows students and professionals the chance to grow and maintain their cross-border connections, while discovering new pathways for their future careers.
Some of the activities to expect in the coming months include:

・Virtual networking and informative webinars
・Mentoring and advice from business leaders in Japan, Australia and New Zealand
・In-person networking and meetup nights (post-COVID)

Although membership of the Young Generation Program is open to anyone who wishes to participate, the target group for this program can be broken into the following four categories.

YGP Member Categories

Students & Universities (early 20s)

Young Professionals (mid 20s)

Sempai Professionals (late 20s, 30s)

Mentors (40+)

YGP Upcoming Events