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The public directory is a listing of ANZCCJ corporate members by industry.

For members only directory, access detailed ANZCCJ member profiles, including areas of expertise individuals may be contacted about by other ANZCCJ members. 




Looking for a taste of Australian and New Zealand food in Tokyo?  Don't know where to find your favourite food and drinks? Check out our Food & Beverage Directory. 

オーストラリア, ニュージーランド料理を東京で堪能しませんか?レストランやカフェのリストはこちらです

Hotel & Venue

If you’re planning on spending the night, do so in style! ANZCCJ corporate member hotels offer luxury and comfort. Have a look through our list to find the perfect place to stay.

Corporate member hotels also offer venues for meetings and events; get in touch to organise your next big event.




Importers of AUS & NZ Products

Here is our list of companies that import Australian and New Zealand food, drinks and other products to Japan.


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