A Message from Tim Lester, Former Chair – ANZCCJ 50th Anniversary

I am number 14 on a truly esteemed list of Chamber Chairs.

I genuinely wish I could be in the room with you all tonight to celebrate and commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Chamber. I am sure there is an amazing buzz and electric atmosphere in the room – one I dearly miss from my time as Chair at functions for the Chamber in the past.

I am grateful to Melanie Brock for taking the time and generously offering to share my brief message with you.

Between 2004 and 2008, I had the distinct honour and privilege, with the support of an amazing executive, executive committee and membership base, to help guide the Chamber to financial independence, to its first stand-alone offce premises and to develop an even more active voice for advocacy and change — and for its membership overall.

The Chamber has grown from strength to strength but at its core it has always had a special ability:

• to punch above its weight

• to be heard and

• to be at the forefront of change.

It has also been a welcoming, fun and vibrant organisation for the Australian and New Zealand (and related Japanese) business communities — an organisation that has also been a home away from home, a community within a community and perhaps, above all, an organisation that has enriched many lives — mine included.

My time as Chair remains one of the fondest periods in my life to date, an experience and an opportunity I will forever cherish and hold dear.

Congratulations once again — and all my very best wishes for a wonderful evening and to the next 50 years.

50 周年記念―おめでとうございます

Tim Lester

14 October 2022