Rio Tinto joins Japan’s Consortium for Education of Resources Engineering

Rio Tinto has joined the Sustainable Resources Engineering Education Consortium, which has been established by the Graduate Schools of Engineering at Hokkaido University and Kyushu University to strengthen and enhance mineral resource development education in Japan.

The consortium is based on the Joint Program for Sustainable Resources Engineering, started in 2015 by the two Graduate Schools of Engineering. In 2017, the two universities established Japan’s first joint resource engineering course (Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering, master’s course), which accepted international students from resource-rich countries, exposed Japanese students to overseas internships, and featured lectures from international academics. Through such activities, the Universities have endeavoured to develop graduates with high expertise and international perspectives. Now, to further enhance and develop the quality of the resource-related graduates of the program, the two Schools will welcome private companies and public institutions as members.

Rio Tinto will participate in the Sustainable Resources Engineering Education Consortium from 1 April 2022.

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